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  1. Thanks Peter. I will do that. I did not try re-tune my channels or do a reset, so worth a try. (i have already gone back to 2006 f/w), but I really want to be running WPA for the peace of mind.
  2. Hi Guys. Is anyone trying the new TF6000 Firmware (below) ? System ID : 2446 Loader Version : L1.13 Device Version : v5.4.0 Application Version : TF-NNPCTA 5.19.81 Last Update : Feb 13 2008 I downloaded last week, and since I have installed it, my PVR is very unstable. a few times it has rebooted on it's own accord. a couple of times i've been in timeshift mode, and if I use the timeshift bar (that bar you get when you hit PLAY), to find a spot in a recording, the PVR will reboot sometimes hitting PLAY will not even bring up the bar. I installed this as I wanted WPA support, but my TF6000 on the old 3006 firmware was so stable. I think it's only rebooted once or twice in 2 years. Anyone else having a problem ?
  3. Fair enough. Admittedly that has happened to me on occassion, but that was mainly when I ddn't have a TV with a digital tuner (and I hated watching analogue reception). But now I have a digital tuner, I have not had this issue. (i'm sure it will eventually pop up one day). For me, though, I would rather do with the inconvenience than run two devices. Oh yeah..also forgot that I can record on my PC, so have done that on occassion when both recorders are already running.
  4. I don't lurk often enough here to know the history of all this, and if there is an ongoing issue or pattern of behaviour, then that is unfortunate. If you look at the post in isolation, then I believe your response was excessive. You either read into it what I did not because of your better understanding of motives, OR you just read more into than there was. I know the situation a bit better, best I shut up.
  5. really need to relax a bit. There was nothing wrong with Peter's post the way I read it. Your snipes at beyonwiz users are a just a tad over the top. In regards to the issue on remote codes. Do some of you guys run a 5000 and a 7000 ? at the same time ? Why's that ? From a manufacturers point of view it's probably easier to use the same remote codes so that you can reduce your development costs as well as providing better support for the countless universal remotes out there. I'm not sure, but I thought manufacturers had certain coded they HAD to use ?
  6. Don't worry..that is in my plans. Tossing up b/w the new toppy or the BW. I'm new toppy is a bit of a concern considering what happened with the 7000. re my mediagate, that is wired, but my toppy 6000 is wireless (no option for wired)
  7. i've found differences in pricing for the various vendors. eg when looking for my 50". Harvey Norman knox were by far the best, only retravision would try and match, (they were close), but jb weren't close and powerhouse's best price was HIGHER than HN's sticker price !! however, when I went to buy a Harmony remote for my mate on the weekend, JB's price was 189, HN's price was $399. I laughed and told him the huge diff, he just said "Oh well". I ended up getting from powerhouse for $184. So same stores, but depending on the items, huge differences.
  8. really..i never knew that. I have a 6000, which presumably will do the same. hmm..i wonder if I can get my mediagate to see the 6000, then stream HD off that. actually..won't work...wireless doesn't have enough bandwidth to stream HD content.
  9. well..i do have a mate who has a p1...bought it ages ago though. dont' know if he still has the receipt or not. this thread has been quite interesting to follow. It's gone chance, no way to a few viable options. thanks again to everyone.
  10. Thanks to all for you advice, and and've been a great help. I will do some more research on the Wintal. My first PVR was a Wintal, and although quirky it served me well (until it died one day that is) it's a tough call. go with a good twin SD like a TF5000/6000 and lose the ability to record HD OR go with a cheaper twin HD and lose some functionality and quality (i'm guesssing that's why it's $300 cheaper)
  11. yeah i know that. what i mean is that, if they want to record one thing and watch another, they can use the PVR to record, and their internal HD tuner to watch whatever else.
  12. Thanks Peter. That is helpful. I guess there's a nice way to say things and then there's the "other" way. I'll just have to tell them to reset their expectations. Currently I have a HD TV, but only an SD PVR. and it's a pain in the butt. I can't watch/record the extra channels, and the picture quality is noticeably different. (not sure if it's a HD/SD think for the fact that the TF6000 only has Component out, not DVI or HDMI. (aside from that though, i love the 6000. Given what I am asking for doesn't exist yet. What's the best single HD tuner PVR in that price range. They can always use their TV's built in HD tuner if they want to record something on the PVR.
  13. Hi Clevo...the Beyonwiz is Twin HD, and that's a PVR with a lot of nice extra features...that's about $700ish. The Topfield 7000 is about the same I believe. So i'm not sure what threads you've been reading but I think they are a bit out of date. I'm just looking for the what the best PVR is around the $400 mark is at the moment. If you can't get a twin HD at that price, then just say so Tony. Your post is not helpful.
  14. Hi Guys..i've tried some searches, but am getting sensory overload. I have a friend who is looking for a PVR. I recommended the Beyonwiz at about $700, but they say that's too much. Their budget is around $400. So can someone let me know what a good PVR is with the minimum features. twin hd tuners chase play time shift 100GB+ Hard Disk Nice to have. Ice or EPG support. ability to stream media over network
  15. Does anyone know if the new 7100 will support TAP's ? I've still got my 6000, which I love, but lack of HD is a bummer. I didn't get the 7000 as I heard of too may problems (my mate bought one, then got sick of all the problems and bought the beyonwiz instead).