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  1. I think the special effects are what cost so much. It takes multiple digital artists thousands of hours to create the effects for movies like Rogue One etc
  2. I remember watching this in my early twenties.
  3. I voted Episode IV - A New Hope as the worst because I can't stand the way Mark Hamill spends the whole movie shouting, even though shouting was an acceptable form of acting in the 70's.
  4. Apps that do streaming on your phone e.g. TuneIn Radio use the internet radio stream. I don't know of any smart phones that have digital radio tuners in them, although I could be wrong.
  5. No I've only ever redeemed Australian Ultraviolets.
  6. I used the Flixster app, all I know is that the last time I tried to use it when I was away (I was in Byron Bay), it kept saying it could not get a license to play the movie. It was fully downloaded.
  7. Just be careful, I tried to use Flixster when I was on holiday, but I couldn't get it to work due to a flakey internet connection. Even if you download the movie to your laptop, it still tries to verify your "license" to watch the movie through the internet. These days I can't be bothered with Flixster.
  8. is still active, however the reviews tend to be a bit sparse.
  9. That is only if you sign up in-store I believe, if you are already on the mailing list the extra 10% off was for today only. By the way aren't Australian bargains supposed to be in the other thread?
  10. It's normally 5% extra off not 10% extra, and they don't offer it every time there is a sale.
  11. The extra 5% off is only offered occasionally, not every 20% off sale. Also the extra discount is usually for one day only.
  12. Are you sure the Galaxy is actually sending the stream to the soundstreamer? Normally everything will work with an RCA cable.
  13. I did manage to get a bargain. I have been wanting to get Allegiant Blu-ray for ages now, but I always have put it off because I wasn't willing to pay the sticker price of $39.95. At the sale yesterday I saw a 2 for $30 sticker on the covers. It turned out it was not on special, someone had stickered all of the copies by mistake, still JB had to honour it and I got it for $12 as part of the 2 for $30 deal with 20% off.
  14. I agree, however some Netflix shows I have watched on my projector look really good. For example: Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards, The Fall, Marcela to name a few.
  15. This is old news