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  1. According to the ACMA listings, Buninyong Hill does have the full suite of Digital channels (I have no idea whether they would be receivable in your location, however): ---------------------------------- SBS 55 (718.625 MHz) - (SBS) ABQN 58 (739.625 MHz) - (ABC) CBN 61 (760.625 MHz) - (PRIME) WIN 64 (781.5 MHz) - (WIN) CTC 67 (802.5 MHz) - (SC10) ---------------------------------- All these services are horizontally polarised. Cheers, ChaosMaster.
  2. Read this bit carefully, Alan.
  3. Which is not relevant to the current discussion on DVB-T, as the acceptable ChBER and aBER will be completely different for DVB-T2, by definition, owing to the completely different characteristics of the new BCH/LDPC FEC used as opposed to the current RS/Convolutional system, and will also depend on the specific modulation and code rates used. Please stick to the topic and don't try to escape the question by dragging in irrelevant information. We are talking about DVB-T(1) here. Nothing else. Note to any newbies reading the above post - please disregard, information directed at alanh only.
  4. I give up...I really, really do give up...
  5. No need to be rude. willwalk was trying to raise a potentially valid point. And who is 'Stephen' (not meaning to be smart here, but I don't think _steph_ qualified his/her actual name, so making assumptions is not generally a good idea).
  6. If you haven't yet returned the television, there is one more thing you can try, although there is no absolute guarantee that it will work. If the picture you get with the bunny ears on the analogue TV is reasonably clear, there is some chance that you could use them for digital reception with the new TV. Again, no guarantees, but it's worth a try. You don't necessarily need a new 'Digital Specific' indoor antenna. Cheers.
  7. Spam Reported.