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  1. I suggest that rather than listening to the ramblings of a certain individual, that we let time show us what will happen (it would seem we only have about a week left to wait after all).
  2. ...which are only used for SD services in the UK, unlike here where they are used for HD as well. I'm asking a lot?!?! It is you who has been pushing all this time for all our MPEG-2/DVB-T hardware to be dumped ASAP and replaced with MPEG-4/DVB-T2 hardware, not me. Sure I would like to see these technologies here, but the reality is we are likely to be stuck with MPEG-2/DVB-T for a long time (at least until the dust clears from the analogue switchoff business), since that is what we adopted as our DTV system for both SD and HD (unlike the UK and the aforementioned Southern African nations). Probably a fair bit longer, actually...
  3. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that unlike Australia, the UK did not already have HD terrestrial services of any kind, so using the best technology available at the time (ie. MPEG-4/DVB-T2) to begin HD terrestrial broadcasting was a logical choice - as we did so in 2001 (MPEG-2/DVB-T). Kindly supply examples of countries already using MPEG-2/DVB-T for one kind of service switching to MPEG-4/DVB-T2 for the same kind of service.
  4. Err...what the heck? What does that have to do with anything currently being discussed. I never opposed the idea of using DVB-S2 and MPEG-4 for VAST. The information on the ABC website re. VAST seems to imply that as of mid December this year you can register for ABC services via VAST even if ineligible for commercial services.
  5. Supporting evidence, please. ...well actually ABC and SBS are encrypted on VAST already, but as far as restricting access to them goes, the ABC seems to have no such plans, as indicated on their website. Indeed it suggests precisely the opposite. ...but let's not allow the facts to get in the way of a good scare campaign...
  6. Sorry to revive this old thread, but just thought I would update this... It appears that ABC will be automatically available after all... Some commonsense, at last... Also, the above article makes mention of a 'MyVAST' website ( to launch in mid December. Cheers, ChaosMaster.
  7. Hence my earlier point... Isn't reality great? The textbook just goes right out the window sometimes, doesn't it?
  8. I know about all that, and I agree that these programs can be quite useful in getting the general picture of things, but one concept it seems you have never been able to grasp is that theory and reality do not always agree. A formula or model is just a simplification of a real-world problem, and while (as I said above) they can be useful, they can often miss some finer details. 'Macro-scale' signal propagation models may not predict 'micro-scale' signal behaviour very well in some circumstances, as there are a lot more variables that need to be taken into account. The value of real-world testing and measurements (the 'scientific method') cannot be emphasised enough in any study of an engineering or scientific nature. Remember Galileo vs. Aristotle! Cheers, ChaosMaster
  9. I will take a guess that he is referring to a VAST smartcard and decoder box, though I could be wrong... Actually from what I can gather on the registration page, it looks like you buy the box and card beforehand (as it asks you to provide box and smartcard details when registering), and contact VAST just to authorise the card. Assuming what Alan is saying is how it will work, to me the whole process really does sound rather sadly 'textbook and theory' based. While (IMO) taking the pressure off installers to do tests at 10 metres is a step forward, I do hope installers will be allowed to argue a genuine case of poor signal even in 'theoretically' good areas if really necessary, or this would suggest an incredible level of ignorance of reality by VAST/DBCDE. Cheers, ChaosMaster
  10. There is no chance whatsoever that woofa's problem is the result of a solar outage at the Tx. This would have last occurred in early-mid September, and is not due to occur again until late March/early April (depending on latitude). See this handy little program here ( Furthermore the problem would only last for a few minutes each day (in the morning, given the position of Optus D1 with respect to WA), for a few days only, and would not be 'constant cutting in and out' as has been described (woofa said this has been happening since digital was switched on months ago!).
  11. Thanks for the info, DrP. Furthermore, it could be said that the low observed bitrate of News 24 may have only been due to the nature of the content being shown at the time, and is not necessarily indicative of the long-term average bitrate of the channel. (These readings were only taken over 30 seconds each!) I have previously observed a great deal of 'long-term' variation over an extended period of time in the 'average' bitrates of each ABC's stat-muxed MPEG-2 Terrestrial services, so one might also expect the same to be true of VAST, depending on the nature of the content being shown across each of the channels. Cheers, ChaosMaster
  12. A very good point. The MPEG framerate descriptor lists News 24 as being 50 frames/sec as opposed to the 25 'frames'/sec it gives to the other ABC services, but it could just as easily be 576p (which doesn't qualify as HD according to the VAST spec). I am not sure what the AVC compatible: 0 Level idc (x) thing is all about (presumably stream profile and level like with MPEG-2), but News 24 has this as 'idc 40', whereas the SD services have this as 'idc 30'...? It's difficult to say for certain what is going on there unless someone happens to be looking at VAST when it next goes FTA... Cheers, ChaosMaster
  13. In the interests of ensuring that the FACTS are available to those who want them, I have (this evening) prepared a complete list of all VAST service information (info dumped straight from the multiplex itself using TSReader Lite) showing encoding, bitrates, service names, etc. 12367V 12447V 12487V 12567V 12607V 12647V I say let the data do the talking... Incidentally ABC3 SE was FTA when I prepared this...hmm... Cheers, ChaosMaster
  14. I observe that references to ABC being 'automatically' available to everyone have been removed... One must ask why...
  15. I think the most interesting part of this is that ACMA has mandated support for something in a domestic DTV receiver. I don't believe this has ever happened previously. Could alanh finally get his wish of mandatory MPEG-4 support sometime in the future (assuming this is setting some sort of precedent)? Cheers.