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  1. Geez, I'm glad they aren't! What Blog? Do you have a blog Owen?
  2. Bathrone, Thanks for posting those settings! They have made a dramatic difference on my set. Running Austar through a humax via composite so the picture was pretty bad on some channels......it looks alot better now though ; ) @AndrewWilliams......try the above settings after you turn Game mode off and see if it makes much difference on yours. Cheers Doc.....check your pm.
  3. I was told exactly the same from a number of retailers .I couldn't buy the set without the STB. Regarding convergence and geometry, is there a link I can follow that will show me how to test my 70 or must I do the hard yards to learn this fine art? From what I gather I need to download the correct screenshots as posted my MLX . I'm just unsure what the hell to do next....lol At the moment I'm pretty much happy with the SXRD. the only thing is sometimes the picture seems rather grainy. I'm not sure if this is what is referred to as SSE or not? An example would be http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/d...hasers_1080.exe The clouds at the start are grainy. Not sure if this is source related or SXRD related? I have the Sony hooked up to a 6800gs>DVI>HDMI. The limited amount of DVD's I own(not many ) also seem rather grainy, Saving Private Ryan More so. Am I seeing SSE chaps?
  4. Sounds like me Sparky .... I'm yet to get a sound system. Thats next.
  5. Finally got mine. Having lots of fun so far Have just hooked it up to the pc via hdmi(am typing this post on it ) and played some of the 1080p stuff from the microsoft site......looks great. @AndrewWilliams....... The settings you posted earlier look pretty good to me. I don't have any calibrating tools so I'll just have to rely on everyone here. Thanks all who have posted their settings. Cheers
  6. Dr Smith..... I should be able to compare with mine on Friday. Cheers
  7. Good to hear your having fun. I'll be using mine connected to a pc pretty much full time when I set everything up. Time has almost grided to a halt since I placed my order thats for sure. Wish the bloody thing would hurry up and get here..lol
  8. Now why would I do that?? How you going with yours and your HTPC Andrew? Happy with it?
  9. Thanks Andrew. Regarding online prices for the 70....the best I could find was @ http://pricepoint.com.au/shop/product_info...roducts_id=3969
  10. Thanks Mate. Does anyone know if the TV comes with a HDMI-HDMI cable?? If so, I'll just get the convertor plug Cheers
  11. Thanks for the review Owen. I finally ordered my 70 last week. Regarding the HDMI input........all I need is a DVI-HDMI cable right chaps?? Cheers
  12. Thanks for posting the pics OZHT. L<ooks good ; ) Cheers
  13. Great stuff OzHTfan. Looking forward to more reports Any pics?
  14. Thanks to all that have seen the SXRD for the updates. Keep em commin Owen.....hurry up and get a squiz at one will ya!
  15. Finally they are almost here...seems like we have been waiting forever. Count me in for a group buy! O-3