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  1. It would be hard to go Sub 70 inches after all this time Hopefully they will give you a decent settlement though PE.
  2. Well that is disappointing news Kitcho. Pixelengine.....As far as I know they are not compatible. The info should be in this thread.Someone emailed the company who refurbs the American OB's and their reply was no they couldn't do our model.
  3. That is great news Kitcho. There is hope
  4. The Sony SXRD 70 is the best and biggest. Thats the bloody problem..lol If they could warranty the optical engine for 4 years ( or hours equivalent) I would be inclined to skip all the hoop jumping with Sony and just pay the $3000 for a new OB. I am not paying $3000 just to go through the same problem in 16 months though that is for sure. Must admit, I have lost faith in Sony after this experience. And that is the problem. The only option is a smaller TV with questionable PQ. Those border-less models do look nice though must admit. Either way, thanks for the updates Kitcho and Pixel, much appreciated chaps.
  5. Owen I think your warranty was Kaput from +2 weeks (given the mods you have done), hopefully your set will be OK for years to come but my opinion is the more hours on these sets, the more chance of OB problems. It would be nice if there was another quality TV available but everything is 50 inch and LCD
  6. Keep in mind when you change the Colour temp you will also change the white balance settings and they will need to be re-adjusted again so it might be worth fiddling with the WB settings on all color temps to try and find a watchable compromise. Pixelengine was going to ring the techs Today so hopefully they have had a chance to look at the set and come up with a price to fix it.
  7. Kitcho...I can assure you, your OB is toasted. The only fix is a new OB mate. You can adjust the colours all you want but your set will be nothing like it was when you bought it. I'm in contact with pixelengine and following his progress with interest. If the solution is not too expensive I will do the same for my SXRD 70 (mine stuffed up ages ago). TBH I am surprised there hasn't been more failures of the SXRD's in AU given all the problems the guys in the US have experienced. Hopefully our sets are different and there won't be as many.
  8. I have only just caught up with this thread. Pulserate...that is exactly the way my set looks! Started in the right hand corner and gradually took over the whole screen. Mine looks especially bad when the foxtel EPG is up exactly like in your picture. I haven't got around to contacting Sony yet, how are you getting on? Can you keep us updated please, I tried to send you a PM but it wouldn't go through. Cheers
  9. Me neither buddy. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Alfy, Great news mate, I'm glad they didn't have to take the TV away after all. I think I will contact Sony if this is the case. From memory they wanted to remove the TV didn't they? How did you change their minds? Cheers
  11. Doh. How bout your mates at Sony, did you try them?
  12. Thanks very much Owen. Much appreciated.
  13. Thanks for this Owen. I had a look on the Tristate page but couldn't find that part number so will wait to see what Gripen finds out. Ended up finding another bloke with our model in NZ who is having dramas. http://www.audioenz.co.nz/forums/showthrea...5732&page=3 PS...Has anyone uploaded the service manual yet??
  14. CBF dealing with Sony, I'm not jumping through hoops, taking days off work for them to come round etc. As for warranty, I'll be upgrading to something else aswell (when it becomes available) I'll find out a price for the OB and then decide weather to go ahead. As for hours, I'm only guessing I'm due for my third bulb, I haven't checked the hours on my second.
  15. Gday Gripen. Let us know how you go .