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  1. I'd be interested to know if Amazon is bringing the whole experience over -- like Amazon Prime. That also means free returns for items "fulfilled" by a 3rd party like Amazon now, meaning it's not just disrupting B&M stores but eBay as well. If I bought a Blu-ray Disc from Amazon AU, does that mean I could immediately stream the movie off Amazon Video?
  2. Did you offer to do it yourself? Wonder what would happen if you complained to LG...
  3. For me the weak one was m:i-2. Watching the 3, 4 and 5 again recently, Tom Cruise really deserves his money, he owns it. And he seems to be enjoying making them too - both the movies and quite possibly the money.
  4. The way some staff seem to have the control over a particular section, certainly feels more like a franchise than some vanilla outfit. Didn't realise TGG were no running as a franchise. In a way, I'm going to miss it. It'd be just like Officeworks.
  5. We did get it. Although we buy a few things from JB, it's more the HiFi bit than the Home bit. Having said that, we did get them to price match a fridge for the Mum-in-law a few months back and that worked out ok. Thing is, these are franchises so not only will your experience vary from location to location, sometimes if you're lucky you score a really good staff member/owner, other times well, you just hope for the best.
  6. Reminiscing about the good ol' times eh, Chops?
  7. You never know. Or, maybe two copies of 6.5 Hours?
  8. Ben's professionalism around is... legendary. He has an entire thread devoted to him: The Good Traders Thread Not sure why I'm only seeing three posts in that thread that started back in 2007!
  9. Much better than calling you a liability!
  10. That's why it's in this thread, baby!
  11. Maybe, but that's no different to me. My very first DVD (The Sixth Sense) was purchased before my first DVD player. Had to watch it on a small iMac, the original one shaped like an egg! Screen was way too small watching in bed, and had to cover the annoying light while the iMac was on. Got my first Blu-ray disc (Die Hard 4.0) before my first BD player as well, then years went by before getting a "real" Full HD panel and uncompressed surround...
  12. I still get mildly excited every time I come across a 4K title in its black box, and takes a few seconds to remind myself I don't actually have a 4K panel.
  13. Doctor Who in "HD" and surround would be welcome in December.
  14. Had watery eyes for a fair bit of the latter parts. Rey is a Bad Ass!