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  1. Ben's professionalism around is... legendary. He has an entire thread devoted to him: The Good Traders Thread Not sure why I'm only seeing three posts in that thread that started back in 2007!
  2. Much better than calling you a liability!
  3. That's why it's in this thread, baby!
  4. Maybe, but that's no different to me. My very first DVD (The Sixth Sense) was purchased before my first DVD player. Had to watch it on a small iMac, the original one shaped like an egg! Screen was way too small watching in bed, and had to cover the annoying light while the iMac was on. Got my first Blu-ray disc (Die Hard 4.0) before my first BD player as well, then years went by before getting a "real" Full HD panel and uncompressed surround...
  5. I still get mildly excited every time I come across a 4K title in its black box, and takes a few seconds to remind myself I don't actually have a 4K panel.
  6. Doctor Who in "HD" and surround would be welcome in December.
  7. Had watery eyes for a fair bit of the latter parts. Rey is a Bad Ass!
  8. It's good to have a satisfied purchase. iTunes is more than adequate for me with TV shows like Sherlock and Doctor Who. I've purchased BDs in the past just to make up the numbers with various Buy 2, 3 or 4 type deals! In the case of Force Awakens, happy to buy the BD with Disney's Digital Copy Plus, which is the same as a full copy of iTunes HD anyway, provided the price is not too much higher.
  9. I mean in that it's not uncompressed HD audio.
  10. Do you find the iTunes surround track adequate? I'd think the Making Of special should be included on the BD version, which should also include a Digital Copy for iTunes.
  11. Ha ha, hope you had a good one. Tried to send you an Easter greeting but your message box was full!
  12. Peter, read the question again. And in my universe, it starts with a 3!
  13. The answer to the pi question is 7.
  14. Any inside tips who might go lower than Sanity for Blu-ray launch?