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  1. Still interested.
  2. I'm tempted by the X35. Can you please PM me the price?
  3. Happy to report that I am the lucky buyer of this screen and Gary is great to do business with.
  4. The RXV-3900 also has a user selectable max volume level in the setup menu to prevent the volume from being accidentally turned-up too high.
  5. Ordered 18-7-09. Just arrived this morning.
  6. Not that I am aware of. Even if you can get round the region code restriction, it's biggest problem is that it is an NTSC only machine. The pioneer 300 disc dvd changer can be made region-free and I've seen it offered on eBay for >AUD1000 before.
  7. I brought one of these back in a very large suitcase last year. Works OK with a step-down transformer. I ordered it from Amazon and sent it to a friends home. You can also get it sent from BH photos in the US. Freight is about USD200. It's huge. Problems: 1. The disc is not withdrawn completely from the carousel when it plays the disc. Sometimes, the adjacent disc can lean and rub against the played disc and cause playback issues. Haven't worked out if mine is caused by transit damage or not. 2. 95% of DVDs do not have disc info. You'll have to type them in using an old PC keyboard. 3. This player plays Region 1 NTSC disc only.
  8. Try disconnecting power to your monitor when you want to use your projector. I suspect that your turned-off monitor is still sending a voltage back to the RXV-3900 on the HDMI cable making it think that it is live when it is not. The RXV-3900 then tries to handshake with it and because it is unsuccesful, it does not transmit a video signal to either your monitor or your projector.
  9. Pity about the roundabout way shipping has to be done. But I can understand why they would want to do it that way for now.
  10. How about individual sea freight? I've been waiting since last year so another month wouldn't matter.
  11. I wonder if Emotiva will consider shipping the units directly to us from China instead of it going from China to USA to Australia.
  12. Already have. Bought the Yamaha RXV-3900 locally.
  13. Page 74 of the manual tells you how to trim the volume level of all inputs.
  14. I have no regrets buying this projector. While it is not perfect, it still throws a beautiful picture. The Price Japan sourced projector also has the disadvantage of 100V operation and Japanese menu.