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  1. I have the 80GB, 5390 and am thinking of upgrading the HDD after running out of disk space a couple of times. Has anybody been able to confirm that there is little point using a HDD larger than 120GB? Mine is running the v077 firmware.
  2. The STB also produces the same colour banding problem on a Sony HS-50 projector when the output is set to component. I changed the STB's output to RGB and the problem is gone.
  3. I normally view the screen at 700mm but I will also get as close as 250mm when I am concentrating on detail. At 600mm, the screen-door effect on a white screen is invisible. While I can still see jagged diagonal lines at 1000mm, at 700mm, it doesn't really bother me. What I really like about this monitor is the huge work space I now have.
  4. Hi Cummo, We were running the Sony 21" at 1280 x 1024, 75 Hz. Gave my partner headaches and eyestrain after working longer than 12 hours. It was worse when we were running it at 1600x1200. My partner has used the Dell 24" for 16 hours straight with no problems. It is very comfortable on the eyes. We are running the Dell at 1920 x 1200 resolution.
  5. Received our Dell 24" a fortnight ago. It had 2 dead (dark) pixels on delivery. Rubbed it gently a few times ( I thought it was dust at first) and they were gone. Now the monitor has zero dead pixels. The dead pixels were so small that I would have lived with it. Don't worry too much about missing the 20% discount as they repeat the offer regularly. We bought ours with the previous 20% discount offer. Running the monitor using VGA out from a 9200 Radeon SE card and P4, 2.8 GHz. The monitor auto-adjust at bootup incorrectly probably because of our PC. This leaves a 20mm black band on the right edge. You can rectify this by turning the monitor off and on or go into the menu to select "Auto Adjust" after the PC boots. The monitor is used primarily for CAD and its perfect for it. We were using a 21" HP/Sony CRT before and the TV picture from our HDTV card on the CRT is superior to the Dell LCD's.
  6. My NEC VT45, bought in October, 2002, has had 702 hours use. I have been using it on low lamp (eco2) mode since new and the lamp usage meter tells me I have 80% lamp life remaining. Can't understand this as the lamp is rated for 2000 hours on this mode according to the manual and spec sheets.