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  1. I'll be getting around 16-17 discs this time around - pretty much just what has been released the last 3-4 months and a few extras. Still haven't watched all I bought from the last sale. These sales are definitely the way to collect Criterions though. Unless it is something I'm dying for, like the recent Complete Jean Vigo or The Killing, I don't bother paying regular Amazon prices. Between Criterion, BFI, Eureka and Kino I don't often buy blu-rays from any other studios anymore!
  2. Barnes & Noble 50% off Criterion sale is LIVE once again The following new releases will be part of the sale on the day they hit: Fanny and Alexander Box Set (November 8) Three Colors Trilogy (November 15) The Rules of the Game (November 15) And here are some codes, I can confirm the 10% off one works fine but haven't tried the rest: Non-member with Amex 20% off one item: B9B4H4W 10% off entire order online until 11.09.11 :B3P8E4D 7% off entire order after that: E7E4K8K Credit to forums for those codes
  3. Same here. I got the 'we're sorry' email overnight and then the 'items shipped' on the filler discs I ordered came 10 mins later. Thanks Amazon.
  4. See it and make up your own mind. This and Melancholia are two of the better films released in 2011.
  5. hot damn! Thanks for posting this, glad I didn't miss it
  6. I certainly understand that people here weren't bringing up the deal for profit, but I've had zero luck securing a copy after PMing quite a few people. I just thought I'd mention that I'd be happy to pay a small amount more for the trouble. Might just have to wait and see what happens upon release. Maybe Big W and the like will start off with a price better than JB's $118 (at least that was the price last time I checked)
  7. If anyone has a spare Star Wars set ordered from the Big W deal I'll pay $90 + postage
  8. Am I missing something here? I can't see anything about 3 for 2 on Big W's site. Does it automatically calculate at checkout?
  9. That is/was an iconic store. A shame if it has been closed. I loved old JB stores. Remember going to the one in Knox when it was near the ten-pin bowling building. The CD aisles could barely fit more than a few people down them, all the car hi-fi section was crammed to one side. And they used yellow tape on all their CDs you could never get off
  10. It's no Boardwalk Empire, but it's pretty good
  11. My 5 favourite Criterion blu releases would be: Red Desert Pierrot Le Fou Mystery Train By Brakhage Vol 1 and 2 Night Of The Hunter Everyone will tell you something different though. Just check out the trailers and info at and pick a few at random, it's hard to go wrong I think the discount codes are online-only though.
  12. Definitely a good idea to get in earlier because the coupon codes can become defunct at any time as well My confirmation email says shipping not happening to me until Aug 2 though so I must have ordered 1 or more that just went out of stock. Blew 450 bucks all up. So long xmas!
  13. B&N Criterion sale is now LIVE go nuts! edit - also here's a 10% off coupon code: J3M9D8K
  14. Criterion 50% off sale at Barnes & Noble looks set for July 12 (or 13th our time) and will run for a month. There's been no firm confirmation but by all reports this is the starting date. I have like 22 discs sitting in my basket just waiting!
  15. As long as it's about coping with urinary tract problems, I'm in!