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  1. Hi all. Thanks for a great read over the last week or so. Of the 173 pages the closest reference that I could find to anything close to my query is a discussion about dust and insects on the inside of the screen on page 144 and talk about colour change with lamp degradation but neither exactly fit my problem. I've been fortunate enough to inherit a KDS-60R2000 that I knew was due for a new lamp and needed a good clean out. Other than that I knew little of its history. I was able to easily and quickly locate a replacement lamp thanks to the discussions here. Having cleaned and reopened vents around the rear ventilation fans and replacing the lamp I was pleasantly surprised to switch on and be viewing a great picture other than two areas one in each of the lower corners of the screen. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or can direct me to any specific thread regarding what looks like black shadows on the back or inside of the front screen. It isn't a major problem as it is in the area that all stations have their ghost ID and out of the direct line of sight but it is frustrating. The black shadows (?) are visible both when the screen is on with the picture visible through the mark and can be seen on the screen when the unit is off. The mark looks like a brush stroke, with finer feathered edges and with some backing colours there is a fainter shadow visible around the darker mark. Sort of looks like a 4" 100mm paint brush stroke. Does any fault and remedy come to mind ? Regards Stephen.