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  1. That's how I do it. If it will play from the folder, no need to mess around with containers. But you have it all there if you ever do want to wrap it back up again (in any container you like)
  2. What do you want the ripper for, convert to MKV? Why are you copying to ISO first then? To be that is counter productive to pull out of ISO container of disc to put in back in ISO container on hdd and then pull out of the ISO container of the hdd to put in MKV container on HDD Why not just rip to MKV stright from BD if that is what you want to store in? I hardly ever use the ripper function so am not a lot of help here sorry, but have a look at this tutorial for it
  3. Should have ups with raid for back. Losing power during rebuild does not mean loss of raid. Typical the rebuild will just continue once power is back, especially if you can power off a bit more gracefully with a ups. Not saying the corruption and loss cant happen but its not a given. You could lose a drive and put in a back up one and find you hadn't copied everything across, or the drive has died, or again files corrupted, or or or. The point being that there is a myriad of what ifs, and all really about what your comfortable with. Personally I prefer raid 6 (7 with 3 rundant drives would be even better) than worrying about maintaining offsite backups of 40+ TB. (I have just recently thanks to 6tb drives got a backup raid though)
  4. Ooh, started negotiating with glw. Hey yorac hows collection and accommodation availability I'll of course cover all alcoholic beverages we consume over the weekend
  5. ^^^ that plus Each to own obviously, and I am in no way trying to change your mind. When I lose a drive I just order another Amd in the meantime nothing realy changes. Can still watch everything etc
  6. Don't you still need recovery if a drive fails though?And how to you mange all the content across multiple drives? edit, i couldn't imagine trying to do that with my 28 drives lol
  7. Finally caved and gave Netflix a whirl last night .... because I wanted to catch up on Broadchurch. The initial feed started in SD and I was a little meh about the whole thing, but as mentioned it then started streaming in HD a little while after and I was suitable impressed. I know it says HD streaming but I did not expect it to look as good as it did. It was a step above the FTA feeds that gets passed off as HD. At this stage I think that while ever it delivers my desired content, I'll stick around.
  8. Nope still there, just beside the file location line at the bottom there is the folder icon and beside that the save as iso icon
  9. Dvdfab still rips to iso. Not sure how oppo streams, but in theory if it can stream from a network source it can stream from the nas
  10. Good stuff man. Looks full steam ahead there now. Can imagine the excitement at this stage as you see come together. Congrats
  11. I use just use the BD folder structure, as they are on the disc. It's much quicker to rip as all you are doing is pulling them out of the container (the disc). We're talking minutes instead of hours here. I know many like their stuff all packed up in a single neat file and so use either ISO (which is basically the disc again) or MKV. MKV is probably the most supported format on devices (eg Smart TVs) so depending on what your streaming with/too, it may be the better option.
  12. Did anybody else note at the start of the trailer when he says "the force is strong in my family" he says "my father HAS it" prehaps hinting that Darth/anikin ain't dead. I wonder....
  13. Seems like its a movie thats better the second time. Will certainly give a another run, just for the LFE if no other reason. And Jutta, I agree re the lounge. It was the most realistic inclusive in a part of a movie, rocket/space flight scene I've experienced. I still dont think I could do this one at reference though, the audio does seem pretty hot
  14. I'm a lil bit late to the party on this one, but have just finished watching it. The LFE is ..... destructive Its the first movie where I have considered turning it down out of concern for both the subs and even the house. I actually did turn it down at one point but quickly came to my senses and turned it back up, plus another 2 for being a wimp. I did not however watch it at reference as it would have been painfully, not enjoyably, loud. I think it ended up about -8.5 I have to say despite any concerns the 4 F2s handled it without complaint and reminded me why I like these subs so much and the rep they have; especially when my big heavy 3 seater lounge on a concrete floor is vibrating like crazy and doors are rattling so bad I swear I was in the seat of that dam ship. Interested to hear how loud other folks watched it and how the gear went As for the story/movie, it was good but maybe a bit overhyped. Visuals and soundtrack could do with some more hype though