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  1. I never thought of that. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Quick question, please: I have an order with Amazon USA that isn't due to be shipped for another week-or-so, and I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to add an extra item to it? Or do I have to make a new order for it?
  3. Got the Harry Potter boxset this morning, so seven days to get here. That's one Xmas present out of the way.
  4. Well, when you put it like that, it's not ideal. And, of course, it'll be six months yet before you get another chance to find a solution.
  5. My DST offset is greyed out, too, when it's set to manual. But since the routine I describe above has always been enough to fix my problems with the DST change-over, I've never even attempted to adjust the DST offset. For some reason with my machine, switching from manual to auto to manual fixes it for me, whereas just changing the time manually means that any recordings are still one hour out. This year I made sure not to set up any recordings in advance of the change-over because I knew that they would be one hour out, as in the past. I just waited until I had it corrected and then set them up, and they recorded on-time. Not ideal, I know, but since it's only twice-a-year, I can put up with the inconvenience.
  6. Like you, I always have my clock set to manual, because in past years having it set to auto has caused me some problems. My routine now is simple and effective (for me, at least): - go into menu and change from manual to auto, which fixes the time - then, after about 30 seconds, I change it back to manual - then, as I scroll through the pages of the EPG, I can literally see the programme times correcting themselves as each new page comes up. That's what I did on Sunday and it worked perfectly for me. The DST offset that you mention is something that I've never had to do.
  7. For anyone who may have set their machine to record something from this Sunday on, be aware that all the programs listed on my EPG for next week are currently being shown as starting one hour early because of the Daylight Saving change. In the past I've had problems when I've had it set to auto, so now I always change it over manually, and that has fixed the problem for me.
  8. Just wondering if the free shipping offer definitely ends on 30 Sept, or is there a possibility that they might extend it again?
  9. Just to rub our faces in it, the two-part making of documentary features many scenes presented in the OAR, and it looks great. Even more frustrating, many of the scenes shown are not even in the longer Collectors Edition cut, but are from the original full length Swedish version.
  10. Arn: The Knight Templar (Collectors Edition) I picked it up in the JBHiFi 2 for $30 sale. I haven't watched it all the way through yet, but this is what I've noticed so far -- 1) The film itself is split in two parts, so I assume this is the original two films released in Sweden a few years back, perhaps with some additional editing. 2) Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio Dolby Digital TrueHD Dolby Digital 5.1 3) It says Region B on the cover, but it plays fine on my Region A Oppo. 4) Aspect Ratio - as stated above, the picture is 1.78:1. I don't have the OAR American disc for comparison, but I was able to freeze a scene and compare it to this screenshot over on and this is what I noticed: if you look at the screenshot, almost 25% of the picture to the left of the figures has been removed and another 10-15% of ground beneath them has been added. In this scene at least, no sky appears to have been added or taken away. Basically, they've cropped some parts of the image and added other bits in order to make it 1.78:1. They don't appear to have blown up the image to fit the screen, at least as far as I could tell. So, can anyone with a better understanding of these matters explain exactly what this means as regards cropping and open matte?
  11. When I was passing this morning, I noticed that BigW staff were putting out the blu-rays for the sale which starts tomorrow. The saleswoman said that everything they have in stock was going on display out front. I didn't want to interfere with her work, so I couldn't check the marked prices to see if there were any good bargains to be had.
  12. My friend and I have both noticed that when we delete, say, a one hour long DR program from the hard drive of the 350, we don't always get one hours worth of free space back, but rather considerably less. Is this normal, and is there an obvious reason that I'm overlooking? Not a problem, but just wanting to know why?
  13. Is the JB Family & Friends sale open to anyone, or by invitation only?
  14. I'm a very happy camper at the moment: I almost bought the Robin Hood/Gladiator double-pack a few weeks ago from Amazon UK for £17.93, but I held off, thinking that it might drop down a couple of pounds. And now they have it for £8.97 (£7.48 minus VAT) in their deals of the week. Unfortunately, just to balance out my good luck, the Blue Thunder blu-ray that I had sitting in my basket just went up by £5. Bugger!