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  1. My parents Tv has just packed up. They have always preferred a Plasma picture (they watch a lot of SD!) and was looking for a cheapish replacement How much are you looking for the TV and where in Melbourne are you located?
  2. Yes from memory it was Hwee Seng Electonics that helped me out. Happy to say nearly 3 years of problem free use since changing the board. Good luck with getting the 608 fixed
  3. Just a quick note. I have a WDTV live in my theatre and it passes all audio formats (DTS-HSMA Dolby TrueHD) via bitstream playing MKV rips
  4. I agree. I really could never see me selling mine. Awesome product. Good luck with sale
  5. Ooh, nice unit, nice price. Would love to pull the trigger but funds won't allow at the moment. Good luck with the sale, can't imagine it will last long
  6. Not sure if it helps but I have a pair of Jamo D7 SUR available for sale. If not good luck with the hunt
  7. I actually have a 4 litre tin of the Rosco left over from my build. As mentioned it is concentrated and the minimum dilution is 1:1 with water so is good for at least 8 litres. I was able to do 2 very thick coats of 4 walls and a ceiling of a room 4.0 x 4.7 x 2.7m from one tin and still had some left over from that tin. With the lights on it is a very dark matte grey (as opposed to an inky black) but with the projector on and the lights out it is a real batcave. The matte finish helps reduce reflections.
  8. Would it have a region free mod? If not what region (ie is a US import region A machine or a local region B?)
  9. I have a pair of Jamo D7SUR that would go very nicely with Roy's LCRs if interested
  10. I have a lens, not the most cost effective option but I love it, would never go back!
  11. 145" scope on a room 4.0 x 4.7m. This replaced a 120" 16:9 screen which I found ideal for that aspect ratio for the room. Think I now get roughly 115" 16:9 equivalent when not watching scope
  12. I'm still in
  13. I will make my (not so) triumphant return. Been a long time since I've seen the gang! Looking forward to it.