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  1. No deals were posted for DTV members... ;/
  2. out of interest, which yamaha are you going to?
  3. Thanks guys u've been helpful
  4. I'm designing a new house with a home theatre. Was thinking about a room 4.5m wide by 7m long (9 foot ceilings). Wanting to have speakers behind an AT screen .. I have looked a few different calculators but they often give different results. I am guessing I can fit a 120 and possibly a 130" scope screen on the 4.5m wall? There will be only one row of seating about 1 metre from the back wall. Taking this into account (and the fact that the speakers need room behind the screen), do you think 7m is too long? Should I make the room 6.5m or 6m? Thanks. ps: I know distance to screen size can be subjective.. heh, for reference I sit in the middle of a movie theatre, not right at the front/back
  5. Anyone know if the Gladiator selling at Amazon UK is now the new one? I don't feel like buying a Robin Hood pack.. that movie was average.
  6. Ordered Sep 21 arrived Sep 27.
  7. The modchip I use if I want region A B or C I turn the Oppo off, and push 1, 2 or 3 on the remote to correspond with the region. I got my mod from
  8. JB Nunawading has barely any of their list of titles... annoying.
  9. I went for the Oppo BDP 80 - cheaper and (to me) better value. Depends on your needs.
  10. lol Ben would be kicking himself to turn down that role for The Sum of All Fears Thought perhaps the US edition was a remastered edition to cost that much
  11. Any diff between the Bourne Trilogy and the Ultimate Bourne Collection at amazon UK for like 17 pound? Big diff in price heh.
  12. Ah, my mistake. Was thinking Planet Earth for some reason.. Cheers
  13. I would buy it from for about AUS$35-40 delivered?
  14. Hey guys. I am thinking of changing the Denon 1910 to the Integra DTR-30.1. Any thoughts on this? Go with the integra or denon? Cheers