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  1. I remember TVW Channel 7 studios in Tuart Hill. The sets were in shades of grey, as broadcasts were in black and white. A young trainee teacher named Rolf Harris drew Olly the Octopus on sheets of butchers paper clipped to an artists easel as entertainment. See: http://watvhistory.com/2015/02/a-historic-era-of-television-activity-is-coming-to-a-close-for-seven-perth/ WAN's offices are now very crowded, as not only have Channel 7 moved in, but the Sunday Times staff moved in last year.
  2. Yes, there is a smartphone with DAB+. See: http://www.lg.com/au/smartphones/lg-LGK520K-stylus-dab-plus-smartphone I have seen this phone for sale at Aldi.
  3. Aldi is selling the LG Stylus DAB+ mobile phone today. See: https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-4-february/saturday-detail-wk05/ps/p/lg-stylus-dab-phone/
  4. I mostly listen to "simulcast" AM/FM stations on DAB+. However, it still makes me a DAB+ listener. Reception of AM/FM stations is often marred by static. DAB+ broadcsts are free of static.
  5. Alan, thanks for the link. I was surprised to read that Coles Radio was in the top 5 digital only stations. I do not expect that any of these new DAB+ stations will be heard in Canberra or Darwin.
  6. In Canberra, the 4ME Station on Channel 60 has been replaced by Prime 7 Canberra. The 4ME Station used to put on sponsored shows such as Chromezone paid for by Harley Davidson. It was a far more interesting station than a Shopping Channel.
  7. My wife's new BMW does not have a DAB+ radio fitted. The same model BMW in the UK comes with a DAB+ radio fitted as standard. Ford Australia has DAB+ radios fitted as standard in the Falcon and Territory models, though sales of these models have been poor.
  8. Unlike the ABC, the SBS does reply to complaints. i received the following reply to my complaint: "Our new service is a digital radio station - available on DAB+ digital radio. It will be replacing the current channel you see on digital radio 'SBS PopAraby'. You can re-scan and find SBS Arabic24 on your digital radio from March 7 (SBS PopAraby name will change over to SBS Arabic24 when the new station starts broadcasting). And indeed will will also simulcat this digital radio station on our website and via our mobile app. The Arabic breakfast show is also available on Am/FM." As SBS PopAraby is not currently broadcast to Canberra on either DAB+ or digital tv, SBS Arabic24 will only be available to Canberra listeners through the internet.
  9. The SBS has released a confusing press release announcing a new digital radio service called SBS Arabic24, which is due to start on 7 March 2016. SBS Arabic24 seems to be a internet streaming service that will simulcast the Arabic programs on DAB+ radio stations SBS Radio2 and SBS PopAraby, as well as the BBC Arabic language service. There will apparently be a new Arabic language Drive Time Show between 4 pm to 6pm The press release also mentions that SBS Arabic24 will be broadcast on Digial Television as a audio stream in a few months time. The SBS is not the only broadcaster confused by the term "digital radio". The ABC has in the past issued similar confusing press releases.
  10. I checked today at K Mart Belconnen, ACT. They do not have any stock of $9 DAB+ receivers.
  11. I checked today at K Mart Tuggeranong, ACT. They do not have any stock of $9 DAB+ receivers.
  12. Smartphone makers use chips which already have FM radio circuits. They do not use them as the companies prefer that buy your music from them either as individual songs or streaming services. You can also listen to internet stations on your smartphone, but it chews up your data allowance. Apple engages in market segmentation. Ipods are designed for a younger and poorer market segment and some have their FM radio circuits enabled. However, all Apple smartphones have these FM radio circuits disabled, as Apple wants you to buy music from iTunes or subscribe to a streaming service. I work with people who listen to music from their smartphones as they work, If the FM radio circuits were used, it would give them more choice and a cheaper option. The number of FM stations is limited by the bandwith available, say 18 in a single reception area. DAB+ in Sydney has 56 stations, which lends itself to narrowcasting. These narrowcasts serve minority audiences who speak foreign languages, like non-mainstream music etc. A DAB+ adapter for a smartphone would be attractive option for these minority audiences in cities with DAB+ transmitters. DAB+ transmissions can also contain non-audio content, such as pictures, name of a song and the singer, news, traffic alerts etc. Smartphones have screens to display this non-audio content.
  13. An extension of another 10 months was not the outcome that ACMA expected.
  14. The DAB+ trial for Canberra and Darwin is supposed to end today. There was a expectation that a committee would recommend that these trials be converted to permanent broadcasts.
  15. DAB+ is available in all of Canberra and Queanbeyan, as well as rural areas close to these centres. My wife bought a new BMW this year. The same model sold in the UK comes with a DAB+ radio fitted as standard. In Australia, the DAB+ radio is an option. In most of regional WA, there is no mobile phone reception, thus no mobile data. You cannot use an app to listen to a radio station without mobile phone coverage. If you gave a resident of regional WA a choice between DAB+ reception or mobile phone reception, they would always choose mobile phone reception.