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  1. Old topic I know... I have the old Deltas as well (11 yo). WOW! DL690 fronts, DLC 130 Centre and DLR420s for rears. The rears have had it and need to replace them. I was going to get the Accusound Reference 8.6D ones as a replacement. Reckon they would be ok? And then I thought may as well grab a reference 8.6D centre as well as I am worried the DLC130 will die soon as well. I am thinking (looking at the specs) they should actually sound better? Thoughts? Will they be tonally matched? Thanks for any help.
  2. Correct. I think I know where I went wrong. My old BR player was connected via HDMI. DOH!!!!
  3. Had a Panasonic BD65 Blu-ray player and it worked perfectly with my Onkyo 605. Got DD TrueHD and DTS HD appearing on the amp and the sound was spot on. Now I have a Panasonic DMR-BWT700 and all I can get is DTS and DD. The Audio settings: PCM Down Conversion - Off DD/DD+/DD True HD - Bitstream DTS/DTS-HD - Bitstream MPEG - Bitstream BD-Video Secondary Audio - Bitstream All I get is DD and DTS.
  4. Not sure what mine supports... Manual:
  5. Has to sell. Need it gone (says the Wife)! Complete with manual, remote and cables. This is a quality networked Blu-Ray player. Manual: $90 in Brisbane.
  6. Another one that has to sell. High quality dual HD tuner, DVD recorder, 250Gb HD. Cost $999 two years ago! Includes manual, cables and remote. All Perfect Condition! $220 in Brisbane.
  7. It has been sold. Please close.