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  1. Just remember Myer is selling this in the catalog for $1299, and I got mine using a receipt on this forum for $1170. And up above you supposedley can get an 42PX80A for $1100!!!!
  2. This is interesting....get the most amazing price on a TV and you may not even buy it???? As said before this is someone who has been given a verbal quote only.
  3. I suppose one thing to remember is no one has actually purchased an 8A with 5yr warranty and delivery....it was only a quote.
  4. WOW! $1150 for a 42px80A!!! I just paid $1170 for the 8a with nothing extra!
  5. I know this is lowend.... 42PX8a - $1170 at JB Hifi
  6. Cool...now I just have to find a laptop with a serial port... :-)
  7. Do you lose any recordings when updating the firmware on a Digicrystal SDT-9000PVR?
  8. It will switch over fine even while watching something else.
  9. What does auto time shift mean anyway. The digicrystal does everything I have ever wanted...apart from dual tuners :-)
  10. I had power saving off and it still flashed...like many others...even Samsung admitted it...hence my refund. This Panel is the worst on the market!
  11. Compared to my new Pana, this panel's picture was woeful!!!!
  12. Game over. Panel was picked up today. Cheque arrived and has been banked. Glad it is all over.
  13. 50A has no dig inputs. Not really missing me at the moment.
  14. Can someone let me know what the 11/3/06 update maybe missing???? At the moment mine is how it was out of the box....works brilliantly! Love some of the new add in features that let's you do stuff while recording....
  15. Nup...I too always am watcching PIP especially with the cricket/footy in one corner. I am very happy with my Pana 50A.