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  1. Hi All, I am culling back my Blu-Ray collection. I just put a huge bulk lot of 101 Region Free Blu-Ray titles up on eBay. Heaps of great titles. Bidding is starting at $399 - massive bargain.
  2. Hi All, I have 25 Region A locked Blu-Ray's up for sale. Looking to sell them in one large lot only. asking price is $200 plus postage. PM me if you would like to buy. Here is the list, discs with a * are brand new still in shrink-wrap. The other discs are used, but in great condition, likely only watched once. Alien Vs. Predator Australia* Cast Away Crossing Over* Curse of The Golden Flower DeJaVu Enchanted Fantastic 4 From Hell Glory Road Independence Day Invasion of The Body Snatchers Invincible Pandorum* Rescue Dawn Slumdog Millionaire* The Day After Tomorrow The Evil Dead* The Fly* The Hannibal Lector Collection The Queen The Simpsons Movie* The White Ribbon* The Wrestler* Valkyrie* Photo:
  3. Up for trade: The Patriot Extended Cut (US Region Free) High-Def Digest Review Open to trade for anything interesting.
  4. Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy £17.85 Band Of Brothers (2010 Tin) £17.85
  5. I am looking at culling back my Blu-ray and HD DVD collection, Does anyone have any idea what selling the following as bulk lot would be worth? 1 Blu-Ray US 10,000 BC 2 HD DVD US 2001 A Space Odyssey 3 Blu-Ray US 3:10 To Yuma 4 HD DVD US A Clockwork Orange 5 Blu-Ray US A Few Good Men 6 HD DVD US A Scanner Darkly 7 HD DVD US Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut 8 Blu-Ray US Alien vs. Predator 9 Blu-Ray US American Gangster 10 HD DVD AUS An American Werewolf in London 11 Blu-Ray US Apocalypto 12 HD DVD US Babel 13 HD DVD AUS Backdraft 14 HD DVD US Backdraft 15 HD DVD JAP Band of Brothers 5 Disc 16 HD DVD US Batman Begins 17 HD DVD US Battle of the Bulge 18 HD DVD US Battlestar Galactica Season 1 19 HD DVD US Being John Malkovich 20 Blu-Ray US Big Fish 21 Blu-Ray US Black Hawk Down 22 HD DVD US Black Xmas 23 Blu-Ray US Blade Runner: 5 Disc Collectors Edition 24 HD DVD AUS Blazing Saddles 25 HD DVD US Blood Diamond 26 HD DVD AUS Born on the Fourth of July 27 HD DVD US Breach 28 Blu-Ray US Bridge to Terabithia 29 HD DVD US Brokeback Mountain 30 HD DVD US Bruce Almighty 31 HD DVD US Bullitt 32 Blu-Ray US Cars 33 HD DVD US Casablanca 34 HD DVD US Casino 35 Blu-Ray US Cast Away 36 HD DVD US Cat People 37 Blu-Ray US Chicago 38 HD DVD AUS Children of Men 39 Blu-Ray US Closer 40 Blu-Ray US Con Air 41 HD DVD AUS Corpse Bride 42 Blu-Ray US Curse of the Golden Flower 43 HD DVD AUS Dante's Peak 44 Blu-Ray US Dark City 45 HD DVD US Darkman 46 HD DVD AUS Daylight 47 Blu-Ray US Dejavu (Denzel Washington) 48 HD DVD US Deliverance 49 HD DVD US Derailed 50 Blu-Ray US Die Hard: Complete Collection 51 HD DVD US Dog Day Afternoon 52 Blu-Ray US Donnie Brasco 53 HD DVD AUS Doom 54 HD DVD AUS Dragon Heart 55 Blu-Ray US Dumb and Dumber 56 HD DVD US Dune 57 HD DVD US DVE High Defintion 58 HD DVD US Eastern Promises 59 Blu-Ray US Enchanted 60 HD DVD US End of Days 61 HD DVD AUS Enter The Dragon 62 HD DVD US Erin Brockovich 63 HD DVD US Evan Almighty 64 Blu-Ray US Event Horizon 65 HD DVD US Eyes Wide Shut 66 Blu-Ray US Fantastic 4 67 HD DVD US Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 68 HD DVD US Feast 69 Blu-Ray US Final Fantasy The Spirits Within 70 HD DVD US Flags of our Fathers 71 Blu-Ray HK Flash Point 72 HD DVD US For Love of the Game 73 Blu-Ray US Forgetting Sarah Marshall 74 HD DVD US Friday Night Lights 75 Blu-Ray US From Hell 76 HD DVD US Full Metal Jacket 77 Blu-Ray US Gattaca 78 Blu-Ray US Glory Road 79 HD DVD US Goodfellas 80 HD DVD US Grand Prix 81 Blu-Ray US Hairspray 82 HD DVD US Harsh times 83 Blu-Ray US Hellboy 84 HD DVD AUS Heroes Season 1 85 Blu-Ray US Home Alone 86 HD DVD US Hot Fuzz 87 HD DVD US Hulk 88 Blu-Ray US I Am Legend 89 HD DVD AUS I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry 90 Blu-Ray US Identity 91 Blu-Ray US Immortal Beloved 92 Blu-Ray US In The Valley of Ellah 93 Blu-Ray US Incredible Hulk, The 94 Blu-Ray US Independence Day 95 Blu-Ray US Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 96 Blu-Ray HK Infernal Affairs 97 HD DVD AUS Inside Man 98 Blu-Ray US Into The Wild 99 Blu-Ray US Invincible 100 Blu-Ray HK Invisible Target 101 Blu-Ray US Iron Man 102 HD DVD AUS Jarhead 103 HD DVD US Jet Li's Fearless 104 HD DVD US King Kong 105 HD DVD US King of California 106 Blu-Ray US Kingdom of Heaven: The Directors Cut 107 HD DVD AUS Knocked Up 108 Blu-Ray US Kung Fu Hustle 109 Blu-Ray US LA Confidential 110 HD DVD AUS Lady in the Water 111 HD DVD AUS Land of the Dead 112 Blu-Ray US Layer Cake 113 Blu-Ray US Leatherheads 114 HD DVD AUS Leaving Las Vegas 115 HD DVD AUS Leaving Las Vegas 116 HD DVD AUS Lethal Weapon 117 HD DVD AUS Lethal Weapon 2 118 HD DVD US Letters From Iwo Jima 119 HD DVD US Liar Liar 120 HD DVD US Lucky # Slevin 121 Blu-Ray US Master and Commander The Far Side of The World 122 HD DVD US Matrix: Complete Trilogy 123 HD DVD US Meet Joe Black 124 HD DVD US Meet the Fockers 125 HD DVD US Meet The Parents 126 Blu-Ray US Memento 127 HD DVD AUS Mercury Rising 128 HD DVD US Miami Vice 129 Blu-Ray US Michael Clayton 130 Blu-Ray US Million Dollar Baby 131 HD DVD US Mission Impossible: Ultimate Mission Collection 132 HD DVD US Mr Bean's Holiday 133 HD DVD US Mummy Returns , The 134 HD DVD US Mutiny on The Bounty 135 Blu-Ray US Narnia - The Lion, The Which and The Wardrobe 136 Blu-Ray US National Treasure 137 Blu-Ray US National Treasure 2 138 Blu-Ray US Nixon 139 Blu-Ray US No Country For Old Men 140 HD DVD US Notting Hill 141 Blu-Ray CA Oceans Eleven 142 Blu-Ray US Oceans Thirteen 143 Blu-Ray CA Oceans Twelve 144 Blu-Ray US One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 145 HD DVD US Pan's Labyrinth 146 Blu-Ray US Paprika 147 HD DVD US Patch Adams 148 HD DVD US Payback 149 HD DVD AUS Pitch Black 150 Blu-Ray US Pixar Short Films Collection 151 HD DVD US Planet Earth (BBC) 152 HD DVD US Blue Planet (IMAX) 153 HD DVD AUS Poseidon 154 Blu-Ray HK Protege 155 HD DVD US Pulse 156 HD DVD US Queen Rock Montreal and Live Aid 157 Blu-Ray US Ratatouille 158 HD DVD AUS Ray 159 HD DVD AUS Red Dragon 160 Blu-Ray US Rescue Dawn 161 HD DVD US Rio Bravo 162 HD DVD US Robin Hood 163 Blu-Ray US Run Lola Run 164 HD DVD US Sahara 165 HD DVD US Scent of a Woman 166 HD DVD US School For Scoundrels 167 HD DVD US Sea of Love 168 HD DVD US Seabiscuit 169 HD DVD AUS Serenity 170 HD DVD US Seven Years in Tibet 171 HD DVD US Shaun of The Dead 172 Blu-Ray US Sleeping Beauty 173 HD DVD US Smokey and The Bandit 174 Blu-Ray US Speed Racer 175 Blu-Ray AUS Spiderman - The High Definition Trilogy 176 HD DVD US Spy Game 177 HD DVD US Star Trek The Original Series: Season 1 178 Blu-Ray US Stargate 179 Blu-Ray AUS Starship Troopers 180 HD DVD AUS Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut 181 HD DVD US Superman Return 182 HD DVD US Superman: The Movie 183 HD DVD AUS Superman: The Movie 184 HD DVD US Syriana 185 HD DVD US Talk Tome 186 Blu-Ray US Tears of the Sun 187 Blu-Ray US Terminator 2 - Judgment Day 188 HD DVD US Terminator 2 - Judgment Day 189 HD DVD US Termors 190 Blu-Ray US The 40 Year Old Virgin 191 HD DVD US The Amateures 192 HD DVD AUS The Ant Bully 193 Blu-Ray US The Assasination of Jessie James 194 HD DVD US The Aviator 195 HD DVD AUS The Bournce Identity 196 HD DVD AUS The Bournce Supremacy 197 HD DVD US The Bourne Ultimatum 198 HD DVD AUS The Chronicles of Riddick 199 HD DVD US The Cowboys 200 Blu-Ray US The Dark Knight 201 Blu-Ray US The Day After Tomorrow 202 HD DVD US The Deer Hunter 203 HD DVD US The Departed 204 Blu-Ray US The Devils Rejects 205 HD DVD US The Dirty Dozen 206 HD DVD AUS The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift 207 Blu-Ray US The Fifth Element (Remastered) 208 HD DVD US The Frightners 209 HD DVD AUS The Fugitive 210 HD DVD AUS The Game 211 HD DVD US The Getaway 212 Blu-Ray US The Godfather Collection - The Coppola Restoration 213 HD DVD AUS The Good Shepherd 214 HD DVD AUS The Holiday 215 HD DVD US The Hurricane 216 HD DVD US The Kingdom 217 Blu-Ray US The Last Samurai 218 HD DVD US The Manchurian Candidate 219 Blu-Ray US The Mask 220 HD DVD US The Matador 221 HD DVD US The Mummy 222 Blu-Ray US The Patriot 223 Blu-Ray US The Patriot 224 HD DVD US The Perfect Storm 225 Blu-Ray US The Phantom of The Opera 226 HD DVD US The Pianist 227 HD DVD AUS The Polar Express 228 Blu-Ray US The Prestige 229 Blu-Ray US The Proposition 230 Blu-Ray US The Queen 231 HD DVD AUS The Road Warrior 232 Blu-Ray US The Rock 233 HD DVD AUS The Scorpion King 234 HD DVD US The Searchers 235 HD DVD US The Shining 236 HD DVD AUS The Skeleton Key 237 HD DVD US The Sting 238 Blu-Ray US The Terminator 239 HD DVD AUS The Thing 240 Blu-Ray US The Truman Show 241 HD DVD US The Untouchables 242 Blu-Ray US The Usual Suspects 243 HD DVD US The War 244 Blu-Ray US The War Within 245 Blu-Ray US The Warriors 246 HD DVD US The World Fastest Indian 247 HD DVD US Timecop 248 HD DVD AUS Total Recall 249 HD DVD US Troy: Directors Cut 250 HD DVD AUS Under Siege 251 Blu-Ray US Underworld 252 HD DVD US Unforgiven 253 HD DVD US V For Vendetta 254 HD DVD AUS Van Helsing 255 Blu-Ray US WALL-E 256 Blu-Ray US Warriors of Heaven and Earth 257 HD DVD AUS Waterworld 258 Blu-Ray US Wedding Crashers 259 Blu-Ray US Weeds Season 1 260 Blu-Ray US Weeds Season 2 261 HD DVD US World Trade Center 262 Blu-Ray AUS WrestleMania XXIV
  6. Seems like that confusion has been going on for a long time. The S-Video port on the back of the Austar box is labelled S-VHS
  7. I think you might be on to something there mrfixits. The best picture quality I can remember was when i was streaming the DVB transport stream from my dreambox to my HTPC and doing software upscaling to 1080 I loved that solution, as it was all digital, so no quality loss, but i can no longer do that since austar implimented their changes to stop 3rd party boxes
  8. Its a 46" Samsung 1080p LCD. I know the picture is never going to be great, but the s-video is still nowhere near as good as it was when i was using component.
  9. Okay, I hooked it up via S-Video, it is marginally better, but still looks pretty terrible. Nowhere near as good as when i had it hooked up via component in a 3rd party box, before they made the changes to prevent that. Thanks guys... I might be able to hold out until they release a HD box with HDMI
  10. Hi DrP, The photo on the bottom looks like my box. Hmm I was not aware that it had s-video, I might give it a go if I can find a cable. How is the quality of s-video compared to composite?
  11. Hi there, My Austar box is one of the very early ones, and it only supports composite output. Recently I have been getting very frustrated at the atrocious picture quality this box outputs. Is there any way of getting a better quality austar picture short of switching to a mystar?
  12. I have WWE - Wrestlemania XXIV (2 Disc Set) (Blu-Ray) for trade. Details here: It is locked to region B. Will trade for HD-DVD(s), or Region A compatible Blu-Ray(s)
  13. Thanks everyone, Even if I did not have the phone line connected, I could still use everything but Box Office though right? So... Anyone want Platinum HD package with me paying the majority of the bill?
  14. ahh, I only have a single output LNB at the moment. So I guess I would need to replace that, but thats not a big drama to do. Other than that, no problems? How does stuff like box office movie ordering work?
  15. Hi All, I am not willing to wait for Austar to catch up to Foxtel with the release of HD services. Theoretically, if I had a friend with a Foxtel IQ2 satellite box + legit sub card, and they shipped it to me, would I just be able to plug it into the Austar wall port and have it work with no drama? Cheers.