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  1. I've noticed over the past 2 weeks that ABC and SBS receptions were becoming 'flakey' (pixelating / off/on), but then in the last week ABC has gone altogether. SBS appears to have stablised but all ABC channels was showing "weak or no signal". All other (WIN / SCTen / Prime) are fine. I then noticed last night (29th Aug) that instead of showing "weak or no signal" it was showing as "data service". I haven't yet tried re-scanning all channels, but was interested in knowing if anyone else has had the same/similar issues. I live in Woonona, so am tuning to the Brokers Nose site behind Corrimal.
  2. I cry when I see prices like this - I purchased mine about 10 months ago and paid $4200 for it :-(
  3. Funny, I have the same problem with my WINTV (channel 9 - Illawarra) stations. Tonight I have lost all WINTV signals on one of my Samsung TV's (LA26R7), whislt the other Samsung (LED UA46B7100) and an Aldi tuner in a media centre PC still received the channels ok (a bit blocky tonight due to strong winds). I live in the Wollongong northen suburb of Woonona.