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  1. GWN et. al. have disappeared here in Albany today. Don't know what they have done but it's been no picture or sound all arvo at least.
  2. Well I must say it was nice being able to watch the F1 on One the other night, and not have to wait for some nice person in the UK to record it for me *ahem*. I had to drop the boost on my booster as the ABC was tripping out which is handy. I might even pull it later and see if I can go without it now. Now to convince the wife that a second tuner and bigger hard disk for the MCE box is a good idea (wish me luck!).
  3. Fixed (kinda). Went and got a DTV tuner for the MCE box attached to the TV :-)
  4. Except my TCL TV is not showing a picture on Gem and Go but the other Teli's are :-/
  5. Even better, saves me a trip up the ladder Matt
  6. Thanks heaps. If that's the case then we shall sit it out and wait :-)
  7. I know this, I would like to know if anyone has any idea WHEN (even a Mt Barker time, as I can swing my antenna around) it might be happening. If it's not going to be for a couple of years I will look at a VAST box.
  8. Got one for Albany? (I know I keep crapping on about Albany but I am hanging out!)
  9. Albany Getting NBN = Albany Getting DTV = Hell Freezing Over!! (It will all happen on the same day!) That would explain it possibly, I have an agressive caching system at home for all the @#$ facebook games the wife plays (It saves about ~200-300Mb per day!)
  10. Indeed it is. Just not from my ADSL connection, but it is on the mobile (which wont browse half there crappy flash site anyway!). That link works on the ADSL. Stupid internets :-) Nice 3 short sentences. I though I was missing half the article on my phone but I wasn't. About the same amount off effort was put into the article as the upgrades I see! Now to hang out for Albany or Mt Barker to get upgraded.
  11. The link 404's... that didn't take them long to pull.
  12. Simple things to check... make sure your Balun and cabling on the antenna are not getting full of water. It's a $10 fix or even check if you aren't sure :-) Matt
  13. Yes. I know. I have in the past retailed TV antennas down here. I have a mate who sells and installs them along with satellite. My guesstimate is over 90% of town could use Barker without any problems. There are also places in town (down near Middleton Beach) that have to use Sat as they are in the shadow of the hill for the local transmitter and can't see Barker.
  14. I know, I get decent digital reception on my "caravan" antenna side on to Mt Barker here in Albany. I don't know really why we need our own transmitters here (half the town can't see them anyway and have to go to Barker for signal). Like everyone else, I want my MTV DTV!!!