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  1. I think I have a copy I would be willing to part with. I will double check when I get home.
  2. Thanks for the support guys, please note that in light of the information provided postage is now a flat rate of $1 per bluray! Yes a lot of them are older titles, still some good ones though which I was sitting on the fence about selling. I have probably kept some of the better/newer ones that would sell, maybe I need to let go of a few more. I was thinking of grouping them together (eg 10 titles) and selling as bulk lots on ebay which seems to work ok and requires less effort, people seem happy to take the good with the bad. Is there a way to edit old post? I can't see the edit button anymore.
  3. Please feel free to make me offers, I'm trying to get money together for new equipment so every bit helps! Thanks
  4. Having a clean up so some excess blurays I have in the hope of putting the money towards some better equipment. I have the following available. Please contact for bundle offers or postage queries, if buying more than a few I will include postage otherwise $3 each (I think that's about standard padded envelope + sent non parcel post, please correct if wrong). I have have kept quite a few of my favourites but may decide to list more if it goes well. Some others I am yet to watch. Most are in near new condition, I will check before sending and advise if not in near new condition. All region B or region free. Hot Tub Time Machine – Aus (Ex rental) $7 Step Brothers – UK (inc digital copy) $9 Spaceballs – US Region Free $9 Dumb and Dumber – UK $7 Talladega Nights – UK $7 The Hangover – Aus $8 Semi-Pro – UK (2 disc edition) $8 Role Modles – Aus $8 Superbad – Aus (2 disc edition) $8 Copout – Aus (Ex Rental) $6 The Wedding Singer – Aus $8 There’s something about Mary – UK $7 Hankcock – UK (inc digital copy) $8 PS I Love You – Aus $8 Coyote Ugle – Aus $8 Marley & Me – Aus (inc digital copy) $8 Four Holidays – Aus $7 Bride Wars – Aus $8 Juno – UK $8 Erin Brockovich – UK $7 Benjamin Button – Aus (2 disc edition) $9 The Notebook – UK $8 Edward Scissor Hands – UK $8 The Mummy Trilogy – UK $20 XXX – UK $8 I am Legend – Aus (Includes alternative ending) $9 iRobot – UK $8 Gone in 60 Seconds – Aus $8 Blade Runner The final cut – Aus (2 disc edition) $9 Hellboy – UK $8 Sweeny Todd – UK $8 Inception – Aus (Ex Rental) $7 2001 – Aus $8 Next – UK $7 Batman –Aus $6 The Hunger Games – Aus (2 disc bluray + digital copy) $9 Daredevil – UK $8 Jumper – Aus $8 Dejavu – Aus $8 The X Files – Aus $8 Starship Troopers Trilogy – UK $20 National Treasure 2 – UK $8 Sin City – UK (2 disc edition) $9 National Treasure – Aus $8 Oasis Lord don’t slow me down - ? $9 Roy Orbison – Black & White Night - ? $9 KD Lang - ? $9 Kylie X 2008 - ? $7 Cheers
  5. Will do tomorrow, thanks for your help!
  6. Honestly I don't know exactly, the lower the better, probably $300 maximum, I don't really have a lot to play with at the moment but figured if the right screen came along at the right price I would need to factor in post if interstate. I'm looking for something that will last probably a couple of years but don't want to spend too much as I want to save for my "Ultimate system" and I know how little screens hold their resale value.
  7. Thanks for the reply but 140" is too big, I think 120" would be perfect if I could find at the right price.
  8. Hi I'm getting a new projector very soon and I am hoping to get a new/2nd hand screen to go with it, I currently have a 95" Aurora screen which has served me well but watching movies in scope I think it could be bigger (I don't quite have the budget to just go scope) and want to go at least 110" to 120". I was hoping that a fellow member might be upgrading their setup to scope and would be happy to pass on their old 16:9 screen at a good price. Happy to in turn hand my old screen over to someone who needs it at a good price. If you have something available please let me know details and I will get back to you. In a couple of years I will be building so am planning some major upgrades the. I'm happy to get posted, from what I can see courier is anywhere form $50 to $100 but may be able to pick up in Melbourne or east of Melbourne. Thanks
  9. Please delete...posted in wrong section.
  10. Still for sale (since 2010) $50 inc post ono Live From ABBEY ROAD: Best of Season One (Blu Ray) Region A Import Still sealed in Amazon shrink wrap High Quality Blu Ray featuring artist such John Mayer, Corinne Bailey Rae, Dr John, Craig David, Damien Rice, LeAnn Rimes, Josh Groban, Natasha Bedingfield , Wynton Marsalis, Nerina Pallot, Jamiroquai, Ray LaMontagne, Gipsy Kings, Norah Jones, David Gilmour, The Good, The Bad And The Queen, The Kooks, Gnarls Barkley, The Goo-Goo Dolls, Iron Maiden, Kasabian, Primal Scream, The Zutons, Dave Mathews, and Amos Lee.
  11. Sorry posted from my phone and wasn't working but then posted 3 times without my original quote. I had about 20 bluray listed bur they are all on eBay now, most starting from $0.99.
  12. Happy to go down to $6 for most of these!
  13. Happy to go down to $6 for most of these!
  14. Happy to go down to $6 for most of these!