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  1. Screen will go on either end, most likely closest to family area. We were thinking of putting TV on the external wall. I will have a play with furniture and see how much room we have. Thanks
  2. So... we had some issues with previous builder and have decided to change builders. Long story short it means we have had to go through the design process again. The attached picture is a rough layout of the new design. After some negotiations the new room dimensions are 3.9m x 4.4m, Whilst I realise these are ideal I still think they are good. I am still interested in putting in a media cupboard but was wondering what peoples thoughts about having it in the hallway where one of the coat cupboards are? Thanks
  3. Sorry if this has already been covered, if it has a link would be much apprecaited. Thanks I'm looking at extending a HDMI signal from a central location to multiple rooms and was wondering what people would suggest. The main reason for distribution is I do not want to have extra devices in Living and other rooms. We mostly use Roku devices (or built in apps on LG) and I want to keep clutter to a minimum. I remember in the good old days you would just use a modulator and feed back into RF then everything went digital and a digital modulator cost thousands. So the next choice was a a HDMI splitter with multiple HDMI extenders. Now you can get devices that work via LAN (HDBitT) but you can also get digital modulators in a similar price range depending on the number of devices. My question is which is better (advantages/disadvantages) and has anyone had experience with either of the following? The HDBitT device I'm looking at is this one https://www.ezyhd.com.au/shop/splitter-extender-lkv383-hdbit-4k-over-hdmicat/ The modulator is this http://www.radioparts.com.au/product/37400285/hd1600l-single-input-mpeg-4-hd-digital-with-hdmi-loop-through-no-ir#.WBCgwOB94uU I'm leaning towards the modulator due to less cabling required (assuming coax already in place) and no power required at device end.
  4. Definitely learnt my mistake with rears and should have listened to the experts who suggested using ceiling speakers if I must have 7.1. To be honest 5.1 is fine and I will stick with that this time. It's hard to justify $1,679 for a screen when my heart is set on a scope screen one day, hopefully my Sony projector still has plenty of life left in it before I upgrade. Thanks for the help everyone!
  5. I agree, I wimped out here at our current house. I would love to do like a chalkboard black or something but need to look at a few designs that pull it off to show the wife.
  6. Sorry I should have included the full plan, I went through and made a few changes to it last night before meeting with the builders next week so there is a bit that needs fine tuning (FAMILY/MEALS description needs to be swapped around). We also need to work out some distances. If I make the room longer it will no longer line up with kitchen due to the layout it won't help extending it the other direction so I might be stuck with the size it is. Without starting again I don't see a way around it.
  7. OK, So I am currently in the planning stages of building my second house (sold first) and I am looking for some help and suggestions. It's been a while since I kept up to date with what's new etc but I'm hoping to get good advice from others. I have attached plans to help. I never thought I would build another dedicated home theatre but since getting a new projector about a year ago we use it lots more than we did previously. We upgraded from an Epson TW3000 to a Sony HW40ES and just wow! So one change we have already made is we have decided on sliding doors. Previously we had regular doors, one of which cannot be opened due to the couch and the other blocks the speaker when opened, needless to say they suck. The room I am coming from is a 3.9m x 3.8m and the new room will be 4m x 4.3m so it will be longer than the last. My current equipment includes a Sony HW40ES projector, Yamaha RX-V2065 receiver Mission MV6 floor standing speakers, MV2 rears, MV-C centre, in wall presence speakers (forget brand) and Richter Krakatoa Subwoofer. I did put extra in wall rears but they completely overshoot anyone seating down and are useless, most of the time I have it in movie mode with presence speakers turned on. Other gear includes Roku 3, Panasonic Bluray player, Wii U and foxtel (footy is awesome on new projector, the old one was constant blurriness). 92" fixed screen. First I want to upgrade speakers, I'm looking at Paradigm Monitor 7 speakers for fronts, atoms for rears and a centre as suggested by eastwood hifi. It looks like a great package to me. Question is should I go with these floor standing or get something in wall? Secondly I also want to upgrade the screen, I will probably buy something from ozts as he has looked after me in the past and I trust but gee they are expensive (maybe I could find one used?). I mainly want to go something bigger, I would like to go scope but I am limited by the projector and it is something I am not upgrading in the near future. What size do people suggest? Thirdly I don't want all the gear sitting in a cabinet at the front like it currently is. Should I build a false wall around screen with cabinets built in or what I was thinking of was putting a cavity in next to where the 'Coat' cupboard is for equipment to go in which would sit behind where the recliners go which may make it difficult to get to or recliners would need to be put to one side or put it next to screen whichever way I face the room. Lastly what windows do people like? Sorry if this is too long, I appreciate help from anyone who made it this far! Thanks
  8. I think I have a copy I would be willing to part with. I will double check when I get home.
  9. Thanks for the support guys, please note that in light of the information provided postage is now a flat rate of $1 per bluray! Yes a lot of them are older titles, still some good ones though which I was sitting on the fence about selling. I have probably kept some of the better/newer ones that would sell, maybe I need to let go of a few more. I was thinking of grouping them together (eg 10 titles) and selling as bulk lots on ebay which seems to work ok and requires less effort, people seem happy to take the good with the bad. Is there a way to edit old post? I can't see the edit button anymore.
  10. Please feel free to make me offers, I'm trying to get money together for new equipment so every bit helps! Thanks
  11. Having a clean up so some excess blurays I have in the hope of putting the money towards some better equipment. I have the following available. Please contact for bundle offers or postage queries, if buying more than a few I will include postage otherwise $3 each (I think that's about standard padded envelope + sent non parcel post, please correct if wrong). I have have kept quite a few of my favourites but may decide to list more if it goes well. Some others I am yet to watch. Most are in near new condition, I will check before sending and advise if not in near new condition. All region B or region free. Hot Tub Time Machine – Aus (Ex rental) $7 Step Brothers – UK (inc digital copy) $9 Spaceballs – US Region Free $9 Dumb and Dumber – UK $7 Talladega Nights – UK $7 The Hangover – Aus $8 Semi-Pro – UK (2 disc edition) $8 Role Modles – Aus $8 Superbad – Aus (2 disc edition) $8 Copout – Aus (Ex Rental) $6 The Wedding Singer – Aus $8 There’s something about Mary – UK $7 Hankcock – UK (inc digital copy) $8 PS I Love You – Aus $8 Coyote Ugle – Aus $8 Marley & Me – Aus (inc digital copy) $8 Four Holidays – Aus $7 Bride Wars – Aus $8 Juno – UK $8 Erin Brockovich – UK $7 Benjamin Button – Aus (2 disc edition) $9 The Notebook – UK $8 Edward Scissor Hands – UK $8 The Mummy Trilogy – UK $20 XXX – UK $8 I am Legend – Aus (Includes alternative ending) $9 iRobot – UK $8 Gone in 60 Seconds – Aus $8 Blade Runner The final cut – Aus (2 disc edition) $9 Hellboy – UK $8 Sweeny Todd – UK $8 Inception – Aus (Ex Rental) $7 2001 – Aus $8 Next – UK $7 Batman –Aus $6 The Hunger Games – Aus (2 disc bluray + digital copy) $9 Daredevil – UK $8 Jumper – Aus $8 Dejavu – Aus $8 The X Files – Aus $8 Starship Troopers Trilogy – UK $20 National Treasure 2 – UK $8 Sin City – UK (2 disc edition) $9 National Treasure – Aus $8 Oasis Lord don’t slow me down - ? $9 Roy Orbison – Black & White Night - ? $9 KD Lang - ? $9 Kylie X 2008 - ? $7 Cheers
  12. Will do tomorrow, thanks for your help!
  13. Honestly I don't know exactly, the lower the better, probably $300 maximum, I don't really have a lot to play with at the moment but figured if the right screen came along at the right price I would need to factor in post if interstate. I'm looking for something that will last probably a couple of years but don't want to spend too much as I want to save for my "Ultimate system" and I know how little screens hold their resale value.
  14. Thanks for the reply but 140" is too big, I think 120" would be perfect if I could find at the right price.
  15. Hi I'm getting a new projector very soon and I am hoping to get a new/2nd hand screen to go with it, I currently have a 95" Aurora screen which has served me well but watching movies in scope I think it could be bigger (I don't quite have the budget to just go scope) and want to go at least 110" to 120". I was hoping that a fellow member might be upgrading their setup to scope and would be happy to pass on their old 16:9 screen at a good price. Happy to in turn hand my old screen over to someone who needs it at a good price. If you have something available please let me know details and I will get back to you. In a couple of years I will be building so am planning some major upgrades the. I'm happy to get posted, from what I can see courier is anywhere form $50 to $100 but may be able to pick up in Melbourne or east of Melbourne. Thanks