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  1. I got my cables delivered the other day, these are great quality and they look good too. Will be recommending this to friends
  2. I use 200Hz for sport but everything else I turn it off or put onto 100Hz. I chose the Z because it was on sale, looked better (both in design and general picture) in my eyes.
  3. What about my situation where I signed up to foxtel and got 15 months free IQ... now 7 months into it I've lost an advantage of signing up. I had 7 months HD free as well which will run out this month i guess and was paying 106. I don't mind paying for the HD channels now but what does this mean for the IQ rental thats now included in cost
  4. Anyone had some luck with calibration settings?
  5. 1080i or 720p what's the general consensus?
  6. Yes I am cheap because I don't like the thought of being ripped off.... insightful Why bother mentioning Tivo... if Tivo could record Foxtel then there would be a point to the comparison. We can't get a private PVR for Foxtel and as such we are forced to pay their prices... it is a service they wish to offer and in denying us Tivo a service they wish to control. I actually agree with the other post saying they would want it to be a structured deployment and it has given me another angle on it. But again... charge the 200 to stop people jumping on... and let people have the 5 HD channels plus FTA HD. Why charge for both, When the new channels come in start charging, people don't mind paying for useful content.
  7. I'll stand corrected on the install fee issue to... but I was given the pitch that HDMI cable plus other cables in the install was increasing the costs
  8. Yes, I feel terrible that struggling upstart company foxtel is providing me with this wonder machine to on demand movies (also available in IQ1)... what's that HD movies?.... again they are providing this feature because they want us to use it so they can charge for everytime we choose an on demand movie. Tech cost to install (I want self install, should be nothing) And as mentioned above, Foxtel's money is in the subscription And please stop talking about "good business sense". Good business sense would be to get the boxes to the consumer cheaply and not offer a fake "$200" install fee and then make them pay more to actually get the box advantages. I'm glad you don't work for me but if I was foxtel I'd be glad that there are consumers like you PS. 12 month maintenance on the online features.. really....
  9. Firstly, ... the last 6 months I have not seen a $0 install deal over 12 month contract. HDMI not working is not a hardware issue and shouldn't affect the cost of the box. The main argument here is if I have all the prerequisite cabling and the install is a plug and go why not just have the 200 dollar box and then be able to receive HD channels... why pay extra to receive HD channels through your HD PVR that you already paid extra for... or vice versa And also I live in an apartment complex, I can assure you I won't be climbing the roofs and stealing the dish (which mind you already was already paid for by us... ie my entire unit block)
  10. I agree as well, I've been waiting for foxtel to activate my unit block which cabled up recently and I'm shocked at this price. I mean current deal aside they were charging a 200 dollar "install" plus the 10 dollars a month for the IQ service... its nothing more than an attempt to fleece early adopters of some money. In my case my building is completely set up right up to my TV outlet which has the two outputs... the salesman tried to explain that the HDMI cable plus other cables increases the cost (although he changed tact when i me ntioned the free IQ came with the same apart form the HDMI)... its such bull... Im not paying 200 dollars for someone to come in and plug in 3 cables you dont own the IQ box, extra tuners and GB aside, as someone here said so why have to pay for it and rent it and then pay more for the channels it needs to work with anyways.. it should be a deposit that you can get back after a year