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  1. Ta, I did a search but found nothing.
  2. Heads UP - this should be awsome - really looking forward to this one? I really hope they don't mess it up!
  3. Cheers - its in my wish list.
  4. Cheers - I get it now!
  5. Has anyone else come across Amason US refusing to send BR movies to Australia. I was looking at BUCK and noted that they will not send it to Australia.
  6. Sorry wrong thread
  7. I gave up looking for this and found AVSHD709 Downloaded the AVCHD (.exe) version which is a self extracting file. The file extracts to a 4.4 GB iso file. Created the disk using the their recomended ImgBurn software and now I have a very usefull calibration disk. Even though the disk is in DVD format, the data is for Blu-Ray (as I understand it). Not as good or comprehensive as DVE HD Basics but very good for a free product. Has seperate sections for "CalMAN", "ChromaPure" or "ColorHCFR". Also has a short tutorial "HDTV Calibration" and a section for calibrating without the use of a sensor "Basic Settings". I hope this post is not against the forum rules.
  8. The good, bad and ugly What about sci-fi western - Firefly+Serenity
  9. Has anyone watched Thor to the end of the credits - there is a small teaser (for The Avengers) at the end of the credits. You can actually jump directly to it by using the chapters section on the main menu.
  10. I wish I could get my mortgage from an overseas bank.
  11. BigW is going to have a buy 2 get 3 soon and I'm pretty sure they have the Godfather ones for about $16 each (so thats $32 for all 3)
  12. Another good documentary is South Pacific - although its not by David Attenboarough.
  13. If anyone is interested - in the SW Brisbane area I know of 2 Sanity stores. There is a Sanity at Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre and another at Orion Shopping Centre at Springfield.
  14. Watched this one on the weekend and although the sound quality was very good - the image quality was terrible. I have seen DVD's with better PQ. Apart from the PQ the movie was almost entirely shot using a wide angle camera which made most of the closeup scenes wierd because people looked stretched (sideways) - and many of the scenes had the actors heads croped or very close to the top.