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  1. BigW is going to have a buy 2 get 3 soon and I'm pretty sure they have the Godfather ones for about $16 each (so thats $32 for all 3)
  2. If anyone is interested - in the SW Brisbane area I know of 2 Sanity stores. There is a Sanity at Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre and another at Orion Shopping Centre at Springfield.
  3. Surprise , Surprise - Woolworths, yes Woolworths has a Toshiba, yes Toshiba (BDX1100KY) blu-ray player + hdmi cable + 6 movies (yes six - The Grinch, Mummy 3, Mamma Mia, First Blood, American Ganster and Bourne Identity) for $199. I just got one for a Christmas present.
  4. Anyone interested in the "A-Team" - I saw it at BigW lastnight for about $22
  5. BW has a few two packs for $32 if anyone is interested. From memory, they had: Hell Boy + Ghost Rider Resident Evel x2 3:10 to Yuma + ?? and a couple of others.
  6. Has anyone seen Pulp Fiction - I saw it in BW but didn't know if the PQ/AQ was any good.
  7. Try "+10 = 14" - we watched this on a movie night at my place with about 10 friends and switched movies after about 1 hour.