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  1. Don't know what it will include, but one smart move would be built-in WiFi. At the moment, I'm relying on a basic EoP solution (one supplied by Foxtel) for one box as my router is at the other end of the house... and the other box is on another phase and too far, so it has no networking until such time as I set up my Wireless Range Extender with Ethernet ports indoors -AND- get enough signal. At the moment, the best path is having the WRE outdoors and using WiFi to the PC just inside the house... WRE signal drops the moment I put it inside.
  2. I say this after one of the longest support sagas I've had with any vendor. Bought the unit for my mum's old 4:3 TV, discovered that the AR didn't save after turning the unit off and on. Sent off an email - got a response with firmware upgrade two weeks later. Installed, no change. Replied to dgtec, advising them of this. Two weeks later, I was told that I hadn't done it properly. Replied, saying that I had. Two weeks later, was emailed RA form (which they forgot to attach). Emailed the standard address and the individual rep. IR responded the same day. standard address responded a week later... with the firmware upgrade, not the RA form. Called up to complain - got an a-hole rep who wouldn't listen to me at all. Called back and got through to the call centre manager, who did the RA for me on the spot. Got the unit sent off - nothing after over a week. Called up, Helpdesk rep was useless once again... apart from transferring me to the repairs bloke who was great and got the unit sent out. New unit arrives today with the same fault as the new one. Fortunately, I still had the firmware handy and it worked this time around. All of this, plus the 1800 number not working regularly (call 0397944000 if you want to eventually get through to someone) and average call wait times exceeding 10 minutes, makes for the worst support experience I've ever had. Anyone else had good/bad experiences with them?
  3. Probably because the Cricket goes for half an hour beyond the scheduled finish, Tennis can go for hours beyond the scheduled finish.
  4. 612 ABC LR Brisbane specifically. I'll be keeping it tuned to this. Anyone aware what ABC Qld Floods replaces? I think there was a special event channel which was reserved for things like these.
  5. Bloody handy for my mum who lives in a regional area. I changed all of hers to: 1 SBS 2 ABC 3 ABC2 7 Prime 9 WIN 10 SC Ten 11 SBS HD 12 ABC News 24 13 Prime HD 14 WIN HD 15 One HD 16 GO! 17 7TWO on Prime Works well for her - much easier for her to understand than the regional LCNs, which would be 2,3,5,6,8,20,22,30,32,50,60,62,80,88
  6. There's a good chunk of BV which is 30+ years old, if not older and I've seen a bunch of antennas which are 20 years old and corroded (although, they're much closer to the ocean than BV) If that was the case, the rescan which the OP already did should have picked it up again.
  7. Nice, just saw 7TWO on 66 via Mt Wellington (spending a few days in New Town w/family). Pity WIN can't get their arse into gear and release Win HD.
  8. Or point it towards Broker's Nose if you're high up enough. Don't forget to rescan when you change the direction of the antenna.
  9. If I was living down there, that's probably the first thing I'd be doing. I'm not sure just how far south a HG VHF antenna would be suitable before the signal disappears though. I've seen a few around Shellharbour which surprised me.
  10. You can add WIN Wollongong to that list. Stereo seems to sound better on 91.7 instead of 91.8.
  11. Hahahaha we can only live in hope.
  12. I'm watching HD now (Top Gear) and the PQ isn't too bad... SD is pretty ugly via FTA and Foxtel. I'm not liking this stupid new logo of theirs, it takes up too much space. Really doesn't need [sBS] ONE HD. SBS HD would be more than enough. Heck, just the SBS logo and a number 2 for SBS 2.
  13. WIN Illawarra have begun break-away programming on WIN HD, finally! (Probably at the same time as Nine commenced (as per this article) Hopefully this means that they've commenced simulcasting WIN SD the rest of the time
  14. Dammit, I'm stuck in SC10 territory today
  15. All good here in Auburn, possible that the UHF elements of your aerial have had it. Tried rescanning since?