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  1. Very interesting, I'm in toowoomba and around 2 to 3 weeks ago I was suddenly unable to get Brisbane's Channel 10....Rang a local ariel guy and he said that he's had a bunch of calls lately here in Toowoomba around the same issue. He suggested a drop in power from Cootha?..... I still am unable to get 10 or any of the new ONE which is frustrating as thats why I grabbed a HDSTB.
  2. G'day all, I'm living in Toowoomba and have had no problems getting Brisbane's channels, up till two weeks or so ago. Now I cannot pick them up -really frustrating as I'm chasing the ONE HD for the sport. I rand an areil bloke in town today and he mentioned that he has had 6 or so similar calls in the last few days. He thinks that Mt Cootha may have lowered their power outage. Anyone got any info on this?