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  1. Hello all, I live in a downstairs unit of a block of 5, brick building in Indooroopilly, Brisbane. The building is about 30-35 years old with the old ribbon cable to one socket only in the living room. Connecting the set top box to the wall socket scans 14 stations (10 tv and 4 radio) ABC and SBS only. No 7, 9 or 10 channels. Using an indoor antenna (L4017 model from DSE) no stations result from a rescan and analogue picture quality is very poor. The Body Corporate has received a quote from an installer to replace the antenna with a UHF/VHF digital antenna with splitter box. From my reading on these forums I see mention of an MATV systems containing amplifiers for individual channels, and the quote received makes no mention of amplifiers. I am hoping someone would kindly explain/suggest what we need so I am able to ask the right questions of the installer to ensure we get the right equipment installed. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I feel very lost. Many thanks Inrez.