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  1. And that's actually just the connection between NBNCo and the ISP (node). There's no rules on between the node and peoples houses. I did follow up this factoid as it did seem like one of those things someone says and people accept cause they're inclined to. Seems its based on this Service Level Agreement. Section 12.1.a.ii Regards Peter Gillespie
  2. Its hard to tell as I'm currently on Optus HFC (Which will become FTTDp - Yay! ) but since its inner city I assume Telstra are also running a duplicate cable between the poles (Which will become HFC NBN - boo! . So still anyone's guess (but I'm assuming it will be the HFC, which should be fun once everyone is forced onto it and as a shared medium its speeds drop dramatically at peak hour (Meanwhile the NBN only has to reach its advertised capacity once every 24 hours to be confirmed as A OK) . Regards Peter Gillespie
  3. Just NBNCo Check Your Address "The rollout of the nbn™ network is planned in this area" as a description for a rollout that includes the entire nation is not really telling me much Have pity on me, we are surrounded by suburbs of FTTP, work was about to comence on the last block when the Abbott government pulled the plug. Now we can but wait... Regards Peter Gillespie
  4. Yeah, I'm in inner city Melbourne and still have "No Plans". It seems this is the category you are in when your going to have FTTDp (Driveway) which will replace the Optus Cable Network or use the Telstra cable network. Would be nice if they could at least say that's what you're getting by 2020 rather than "No Plans" - especially as they say everyone can look up there address now at NBNCo website. Regards Peter Gillespie
  5. That was apparently the cost of getting Telstra out of the way. Telstra has its pits and copper and a business built on using them (Once the NBN is finished Telstra will be earning around $3 billion a year less - money that will presumably be going to NBN Co. The government could have tried to shut out Telstra (Initially that's exactly what the Labour government did with its 90 FTTP plan to end run oround the copper). But I think both governments realised that a national rollout like this was never going to happen without Telsra's willing help (They had all the plans to all the pits and cables for one thing) NBNCo will be turning over 5 billion in a few years. Looking at Paramatta it does seem its being ringed around for the rollout. Possibly the inner Paramatta is Telstra cable which will be switched over pretty suddenly I assume. Always found it frustrating that ever since the NBN was put forward 10 years ago everyone seemed to think re-wiring the entire nation with new technology should happen faster. It was always designed to have a snowball effect. But it seems most of the population only understands linear graphs and not exponential curves. The Snowy River project that involved a lot less of the country took 25 years. Regards Peter Gillespie
  6. Luckily I am in the 10% optimist category (Never done two smiles in a row in all my posts) FWIW Fetch is legit. They offer a product that is increasingly popular. From the pessimist point of view they have more to lose from dodgy dealing than to gain now. The $1 is probably to create a contractual obligation - give something away for free and it has almost no legal validity. If you buy the STB separate for $400 they've made a nice profit and the $ just gives you access to their EPG and series recording (very nice feature BTW where you say I like this show and the STB will record it when ever it is on.) Sign up for the $15 monthly package for the BBC and lots of others. You could also checkout a Netflix account. First month is free and can cancel at the click of a button. Otherwise its $12 a month for a bunch of content. Good to here the converter does the goods. There's life in the old box yet. Regards Peter Gillespie
  7. Fork Handles Regards Peter Gillespie
  8. A (statistically) significant typo Regards Peter Gillespie
  9. Sorry to say but doesn't sound good. Sounds a bit like the start of a large run around. If you get a $7000 payout for a 10 year old TV, you'll be the first person I've ever heard of it happening to. Do you have the insurance small print by any chance? Or is it on their website? If you do it should spell out pretty clearly what they'll do. No need to sort evidence. They'll tell you what's needed (any option they choose should be at their cost if there is any) FWIW Call centre overseas delay is pretty meaningless. You lodge a claim the call centre takes it down and sends it to head office. As snafuoz says what insurance company? If its extended insurance then its presumably some small outfit. Nothing to stop them just shutting up shop and moving to Manilla. NB Don't take my comments as informed. Still early days yet and every chance its just going to take some time. Regards Peter Gillespie
  10. Hi, Plenty of 32" TVs around. Just visit a JBHiFi or the like. You'll be paying around $300-$500 for one probably. See here for some examples. Personally I'd look to swap off Chariot. I assume you've been with them for years? I'd be surprised if a polite conversation explaining you would like parity with TPG plans would see them knock off the difference. Explain that you'll be cancelling the contract and porting over completely if they can't match the price. You don't need to actual cancel then and there but just see if it makes them more receptive. If you do decide to cancel then give TPG a ring first. With your address they can offer some advise on the process and the expected downtime after you cancel with Chariot. Note that you should first organise Chariot to remove the internet connection at the exchange but keep your phone number. Don't just cancel the whole contract at first. Regards Peter Gillespie
  11. PVRs (Totally digital STBs can usually swap drives in and out) DVRs (Which the Panasonic is) are almost always locked and you can't replace the drive (New or old). You might be surprised giving Panasonic a ring. They may just ask you to bring a HDD and your DVR in and they'll do a quick format for you. Regards Peter Gillespie
  12. Do you have a FORMAT HARDDRIVE option in the Panasonic menu? Its not the hardrive that is special (they all use the same $100 drives you find in a PC) Its just that Panasonic has used a propriety format on its drive. If its still under warranty then perhaps a call to Panasonic. If its not under warranty then perhaps call anyway. They may have options for replacing the drive. Regards Peter Gillespie
  13. Hi Solar Man, If you are happy with your TV then I'd say keep it. You're looking into a $75 solution from Jaycar which is a major downgrade in picture quality and also just adds another device to the mix that can fail. If you can get the TV HDMI repaired for $100 then that's what I would do. To answer your questions, If the Internet goes down you can still keep watching/recording FTA TV or previous recordings without issue. Fetch also has a well integrated Netflix app so you could always try that out for $10 a month or so. The BBC channel is a paid for add on (from FetchTV). Costs $15 a month from fetch if you buy the Fetch STB from say Harvey Norman for $400 outright. There's no need for your internet to be disconnected for a month changing ISPs. should be a week at most and usually only a few days. I don't know what your paying for internet now but maybe consider some of the ISPs offering Fetch as a package (Optus?) AS for TV reliability, its really not that bad. Everyone offer's warranties and extended warranties and statutory warranties. Shop's bank on a 2-3% failure rate but 97% of buyers obviously have no issues. Of that 3, most just get their TV replaced. Regards Peter Gillespie
  14. I like FTTP as much as the next person, but FTTN isn't an EOL technology. It will improve. Its just doesn't compare well with fibre can improve a 100 fold with a few small upgrades. Regards Peter Gillespie
  15. I'm pretty sure if MPEG-2 was suddenly discontinued more than you would notice Its taken 20 years for a MPEG-4 channel to be even broadcast (let alone replace MPEG-2). Over 90% of channels are still broadcast using MPEG-2. Something is wrong with your reception (as you're not getting any channels). It might be the aerial, the wall plate, the aerial lead to the TV or the tuner in the TV itself. If its not your reception (i.e. the Kuro tuners have broken) then the problem is easily fixed with any $20-$50 STB (Plug the aerial into the STB and the STB into the Kuro) But for some reason I suspect you've just stuffed up your reception somehow. Regards Peter Gillespie