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  1. Nope, I'm saying there may be a slight drop in intensity at this angle (off centre is always going to be a bit less than 100% of straight on no matter what the tech). At 40 degrees the change in a top level screen like this should be pretty unnoticeable unless you go looking for it. Regards Peter Gillespie
  2. The number relevant to you is 40 degrees off centre (that's 90 - the 50 you measured). i.e. your wife is sitting at a viewing angle of 40 degrees. From the comments above this should make very little difference to the viewing experience for your family. It may be slightly less bright if you kept switching seats during a movie but once you sit down you would likely not notice. Regards Peter Gillespie
  3. It is strange. Usually the flagship would have every bell and whistle. My understanding is it is actually just a thin film that is sprayed? over the screen. All LG screens have some sort of TM widescreen enhancement technology. Personally it sounds like marketing bs to me. The sort of thing where the tech heads say they've managed a 0.6% increase in the colour gamut (is that a tautology). Marketing department trademark it Nano Technology and put in some swoopy graphics on the brochure (perhaps some zoomed in pictures of big bright atoms zooming into the screen), and the legal department says just make sure you only ever use wishy washy terms like "improves". But it is strange they couldn't get it onto the 'bigger' sets - perhaps its just a manufacture capability thing. Regards Peter Gillespie
  4. Doesn't sound like the hardrive. Presumably normal recording and playback works fine? Seems more the unit is just having issues resolving the new signal after a jump (digital TV takes a second or so to 'build' the full video stream due yo how it is constructed. That's why changing channels isn't instant. The daylight savings is at the mercy of the broadcasters and sometimes they stuff up the settings on the tower. In the early days it was a real nightmare around the country. Haven't heard it happen for a while but apparently it still does. Regards Peter Gillespie
  5. Hassle Factor? Something to be said for hanging a screen on the wall and sitting back and pressing on. Also projectors are presumably going to have trouble keeping up with the PQ improvements on screens. Their main draw card is a bigger screen. They are always going to be a poor cousin for many areas. They also take over a room usually. Not saying they're not great fun and if you've got the inclination to pay a lot and install a lot and tweak a lot then you can have a cool dedicated home theater system. Regards Peter Gillespie
  6. You could do Excel HiFi. Technically they only do refurbishments but the repairer also tries to help out labour of love situations. Find them here. Ring 9-3 tomorrow and ask for Gary. He'll tell you if he thinks it needs parts (and therefor a no go) Regards Peter Gillespie
  7. You just blew it. Oh now its back together again I wonder how the word counts would compare? Race you to 20,000 Regards Peter Gillespie
  8. 15" to be precise Regards Peter Gillespie
  9. An 85" makes no financial sense, but the heart wants what the heart wants. A slightly smaller screen can be had for half the price - Blackman could buy two 75" TVs , set up one on the back wall for his wife and get rid of the wide angle angle issue completely (not too mention fights over the remote) Regards Peter Gillespie
  10. Put the protractor down below the center of the TV - flat side on the wall, curved side facing out to your seats. You'll notice the line one the protractor pointing straight out is 90 degress (This is 90 degrees from the wall, or perpendicular, or "your seat") The confusing bit is we call this 0 degrees off center (or 0 degrees away from straight in front of the TV.) Next imagine a line from the middle of the flat point of the protractor (This is the point where all the lines on the protractor converge to a single point - the little semi circle in the middle) Imagine that line out from that point to the side chairs (you can use string or dowel but in this case just eyeball it) Might radiate through the 60? Or the 50? This is the angle from the wall. You want the angle from the perpendicular line (90) So 90-60 = 30 degrees off center. Its easy to demonstrate, hard to explain. Hope that makes sense. Regards Peter Gillespie
  11. Based on the size of your TV, the colour of the couch footings and the 3 dimensional nature of the room, I'm thinking your wife is sitting at around 25 degrees off center. Not sure what 'wide angle' technically means in the specs. I always thought of it at the 60+ degrees off center. Regards Peter Gillespie
  12. My go to for Yamaha are the official refurbishes. They ship Oz wide and have excellent customer service. A unit my dad got had a slight hum and they sent a courier around the next day to pick up ship back interstate, fix and return. They have the A3060 for $2000 Regards Peter Gillespie
  13. Seems bizarre they couldn't look that up themselves. Wouldn't fret it. They make you jump through hoops but just play the straight bat and it should all be approved in the end. Regards Peter Gillespie
  14. As doggie obliquely suggests, give it a try. Control Panel and Sound. Select your outputs. Just make sure everything is plugged in. Note sometimes I need to set a desired output as default to get it to start working. Regards Peter Gillespie