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  1. I was hoping there might be some hope left for the Sony,or an easy fix. But as everyday passes the lure of a new tv-with USB recording is becoming stronger.
  2. Hi everybody,I am now on the Second globe for the SXRD 70,but as of the last month the TV has lost all normal colour and most skin tones are yellow,or a yellow shade across the whole picture. I am suspecting it is the optical block? Is it worth fixing? Can it be manipulated-DIY Will the cost be prohibitive. Maybe time to get a New tv?
  3. Touch wood,other than a minor fan issue which was solved with crc. The 70 is on the second globe and been excellent,still very impressive with bluray or proper HD content,so far have not come across a mainstream tv with the picture size and clarity in Hd to match it.
  4. Cheers mate, This narrows the problem down,and does make sense,because when the tv is on it operates as normal,but when having the problem it would go through the start up process and you could hear the fan start up then it would switch off followed by the tv, also at the time we had, had unusually hot humid conditions. Since then i got an air compresor gun and blew through the back of the fan and tv,and there was alot of dust. Since then[touch wood] the tv has been starting fine.
  5. Cheers mate,Have checked through and cleaned through the back of the unit,regarding dust,looked for error codes-which says contact your local service technician when you have 4x flashes of the red led. So i have contacted a Sony technician who is 2x weeks way until Attending. So far since the problem it has not reared its head again from the last time it did not turn on? So i will see if how it goes in the next week.
  6. Hi everyone I have a SXRD 70 tv,the tv have been great for 18 months with it being used almost constantly for digital tv,dvds and mainly a pc/htpc. Over the last few days i have gone to turn the tv on with the TV starting up then turning itself off within seconds,and then 4xflashes from the red led side panel. Several hours later try the tv and it turns on and stays on. Tried the tv yesterday and the same problem again with the tv shutting down,after several attempts the tv would not turn on. Today turned the tv on and off it went on as normal. Has anyone had this problem or familiar with this problem.