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  1. Yes I do have that exact antenna. I have stuffed around with the coax putting it into different positions and have almost got it perfect, I get all channels clear except channel 7. I can pick up Channel 9 and 10 Sunshine Coast perfectly, but both Channel 7 Sunshine Coast and Brisbane do not work. Both have very strong signals, but very poor quality according to my tv. Coax is in one hell of a crazy position, but Im happy to leave it there if I can get all but 7. Ive also noticed I can pick up all analogue stations, with perfect analogue reception on sbs and briz31. I find this suspect for an apparent HD specific antenna, I though analogue frequencies should not be received due to interference?
  2. Yes the lead was bought at dick smith at the same time as the antenna. This morning Ive had perfect reception on all channels, until just 10 minutes ago Channel 9 and 7 have started breaking up again, no amount of moving the cable around will fix it this time! It does clear up on channel 9 when I hold the cable in my hand where it comes in the window... perhaps it needs grounding???
  3. Hi, I have a bizarre and very frustrating problem, hope someone can help. Im unable to install a regular antenna on the roof where Im staying, so I bought a so called 'hdtv indoor/outdoor' antenna from dick smith, and installed it outside my window in the direction of Mt Cootha... I live in Deception Bay. I also have a 10m long RG6 quad cable, but my tv at the moment in only 3m from the antenna. The antenna has a clear line of sight (as far as I can see), as Im on the second story. My problem is I am getting frequent, and inconsistent interference on all channels. Sometimes channel 9 will be perfect, 7 unwatchable, and 10 bad, sometimes 7 is unwatchable and the rest are ok, sometimes all are good, sometimes all are hopeless. The cable comes directly in the window as a temporary measure while I try and figure out what to do... Ive found that pulling in more cable sometimes fixes the interference, or throwing more out the window does the trick. Occasionally all I need to do is touch the cable and it clears up, and other times touching it makes it worse.... there is no pattern I can see and its driving me nuts! The interference is the picture and sound breaking up, ranging from the odd click to unwatchable. SBS never seems to play up, and I only get the odd very light interference on all ABC channels. I can also pick up Sunshine Coast channel 10, sd and hd, which are always as good as SBSl.... currently channel 10 Brisbane is unwatchable but sunshine coast is perfect! If anyone has some helpful suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.