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  1. Wow, your side speakers are very close and your center is very low, maybe you could get the center speaker up the top and push the L & R speakers out a bit?
  2. If you've got the money for Bass, you should at least listen to Whise. http://www.whise.com.au/index3.htm But don't look if your budget does not extend that far.
  3. Miguel, A 1500w RMS Sub? Thats pretty impressive for any domestic Sub. Does the Amp put out 1500Watts (RMS)? Or is it one of those PMPO or Peak ratings? What is it, I'm interested.
  4. I have an LG plasma, I think the colours on the Lg's are not allways the best. On dark scenes the LG player via HDMI makes colours look either red or green, not dark grey. I think it depends on your equipment, and how good the processing is. HDMI is still relatively new, so the test of time has not given us the ability to tweak yet.
  5. How low can a sealed 10" go? A sealed 15 can go a lot lower without processing, but the box will be bigger.
  6. Being a mastering device, I would wonder what the delay time is going to do to the sub delay in the room.
  7. They are good for the money, but if you want to make a sub that is going to perform, you really should spend a little more on the drivers. Just for example: My Car system cost $5000 including the install. The subs (2 x $15) were $450 each. You can get 15" for under $100, but the extra money is worth it. I also perfer a sealed enclosure if you build your own: Less phase issues than porting/slots. Also try use the 'Golden Ratio' or other helpfull scales to make the boxes resonances lessen. The rooms natural modes (resonant frequencies based on the 3 roo lenghts and the volume) can be taken into account to minimise frequency humps and dips. Also FYI: the position I had my sub in had an 8 db difference between the 2 listening positions on the sofa (just a 2 seater!)- Move the thing around if it does not sound good!
  8. Interesting. I just assumed Hard button remotes wouldn't work well becuase there is no buttons with the labels you want. How do you know what to press? My plasma has a FAV button, does that mean I have to use on of the buttons beside the LCD for a command like that? Seems like a toucscreen with a few hard buttons would be preferable...
  9. See the many posts on the LG Scaling DVD player. can be had for around $170, but recomend particularly if you have HDMI. I would allways try to get a separate CD player unless you bought a NAD or MARANTZ (etc) DVD player which should have good audio quality. I'd look for an old CD player from a good manufacturer (Denon, NAD, Marantz, etc) eg Ebay if you want to save some cash.
  10. There are a number of sites in America that sell it for $90 or $100. By the time you add Freight and Currency conversion it gets expensive. Lots of people have had issues with the LCD screen and I think I will be using the warranty, but For a remote with a touchscreen display, programmable buttons, learning functions, Macro's and under $200 Aust, what do you expect. I guess I should put a review togeather when I get it and set it up.
  11. I can't comment on the remote you are looking at but have a question. What is the point of a Universal Remote if you can't change the labels of the buttons? How often are they going to match up? I've just bought the Phillips TSU500 remote which is all touchscreen. cost me $170. Have a look here... http://www.prontopros.com/pronto-neo-tsu500.html
  12. Specs on paper don't say much. You'll have to listen to get what is best for you. I like the Thor.
  13. Q1. With regard to HDMI settings, I have set the DVD player to output at 720p, is this correct? Im using a Pioneer 435HD Plasma. The DVD player has the option to output at 1080i but im not sure what I should do here exactly. Personally I'd go all the way to 1080 and let the scalling of the Plasma do the rest. Best to try both and see what happens. Q2. Is this the right way to configure the speakers? I know with the '06' series from Denon you can use the mic to auto configure, but I was just wondering anyway. (trying to be clever) I think you are best off setting them all to 0 and starting again. This is used to finely adjust the difference in levels between speakers. I'd leave all the levels at 0, inluding the sub and adjust the gain on teh sub to match. You probably won't get any problems with setting all the speakers at max, but given it was not designed to be use this way, set it all back to 0, and turn the volume up. Q3. Going on from my previous question, with regard to teh sub. What should the sub be set at ideally? I have set volume to about 90%, the Phase to +, the equaliser to 1 (ranges from 1-3) and the frequency to 140Khz. Should I have anything different here? The sub is a 10" 150w amplified sealed box. So far it sounds just about right, perhaps a little harsh for music but very good with Home Theatre. The Eq depends on the room, try each. Given that the speakers are satelite (even if they are B&W) you are likely to end up with a setting abouve 70Hz. 140 sounds very high... Q4. When listening to music, the M-1's sound very very clear. However they tend to lack a little midrange. Now im not sure if its the speaker or if im not setting something right via the reciever. I know in the reciever there is an option to adjust the treble and bass when using "Stereo" as opposed to "Direct" but im struggling to set this right. If your mid is lacking, try setting the bass and trebble to -1 or -2... might work (remember subtractive rather than adding is often a good idea- often used in mixing)... I'll leave others to the rest, try to keep your sub and satelites away from the wall and also try moving your sub around to try different positions (loudest is often not the best tho).
  14. I'm a bass fan, but i just don't get it. IB design is to me a cheat way of getting low freq excursion. Surely it can't be very musical... If you wanted a 20" sub in a 1m cube box the walls of your box would be about an inch thick, no? So how can you use an open area to create a flat requiency response? Inadequately braced surfaces? Not fully sealed enclosure? Untuned area? etc! Is there a site you could refer me to or a pro install that has done it well?
  15. As all it does is increace the singal coming into the transformer, adjusting your gain on the sub should be all you need to do. This MAY increace the singal/noise ratio (not certain).