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  1. As per the title, I'm selling my Denon AVR-2307 asking $350 pickup Originally retailed for $1500 back in 2008 an aus review here: http://www.gadgetguy...denon-avr-2307/ comes with calibration mic, hand remote, user manual and power cord (IEC) if want one. I'm in St Leonards, feel free to PM me to discuss.
  2. After some help please. I work in AV, but in the corporate area, so not really across the domestic offerings. I'm designing a system that will cost <10K in hardware. It will consist of 40" display (budgeting 1k) with tuner aux / laptop input (cable only) radio (assume built into main receiver / amp) DVD / CD / Bluray player (around $500) Foxtel The audio sources will be played back on: 1: The TV soundbar / flanking speakers 2: The audio zone in the same area as the TV (so either / or) 3: Bedroom 1 4: Bedroom 2 5: Kitchen / Bathroom So, I have 5 zones to look after and need to keep it SUPER SIMPLE for operation. Ideally, I'll be running the system from a Logitech controller or Ipad (likely the Logitech backend). So, the main issue is finding a Infrared controllable multichannel audio receiver amp or combination that will do the job. I'm not focusing on speakers or input devices for the time, just how I can make an easily controllable 5 channel audio system with remote control for control of atleast 2 zones and remote switching for the others. If I end up with a rotary knob control of the other zones, it won't be too bad, but not ideal. so, whats out there? I don't need control from each room, but it would be nice to have the ability to add something like that later. the priorities are the simplicity of operation for the whole system, keeping it on budget and lastly the audio quality. Cheers
  3. 1 pair sold already, they won't be around for long...
  4. 1 pair sold already, they won't be around for long...
  5. I have for sale 3 sets of John Blue speakers -JB3. Specifications * Impedance - 6ohms * Sensitivity - 87dB * Dimensions - 208H x 129W x 188D (mm) * Weight - 5kg/pair Features * Single full-range driver means no crossover! * Bass reflex design * 1mm thick Piano Gloss * Pure solid core copper wiring * Resin-cast wave guide Someone elses words: Natural sounding and with precise imaging, the JohnBlue JB3 speaker simply captivates the listener. These can still be bought new for $589 a pair (RRP, think I bought them at more like $400 a pair) Have been using as part of 5.1 surround system for about a year. I like the use of 5 identical speakers in surrpound setups. Looking to persue DIY and I don't need any of these but will hold onto a pair if I sell 2 prs. Never pushed hard, I live in a small appartment, always suplemented with a sub (but does not need it for most music). After $250 a pair, or have the set of 6 speakers for $650. Located in St Leonards, Sydney. Few reviews; - TNT-Audio - 6 Moons - Stereo Mojo I'm not looking for good ones, these are the first I found when googling. Pics to come. 0408 491 627. Ben
  6. Sold Now running Mirage Omni S8. Still breaking in, good so far.
  7. For Sale: Richter Thor Subwoofer. Reason: New Ent. unit means no space for my lovely sub Size: 42d, 44w 50h. Product Link: Condition: The mesh covering the speaker has a few small pulls from one of my cats being interested by it. The material is pretty easily available and would not be difficult to replace. Its not very noticable IMO, but better listed than disappoint someone. Otherwise, I don't believe there is anything wrong with it. $$$: Is $400 reasonable? Time will tell. I won't bother with reviews, there are many out there and overall I believe this sub has a good reputation. I think its a good sub, just overkill for the space I have and too bulky to make fit. Location: Lower Nth Shore Sydney Contact: Feel free to call me on 0408 491 627. Few quick pictures:
  8. Thanks for the list and the few calls I received, I've gone down the path of a small 8" Sub that will fit the space I have in mind and hopefully work well there or I'll be rethinking the plan... So I guess this thread is dead and I'll kick off a FS thread as this one is redundant.
  9. I have in my possesion a Richter Thor Mk4 Sub. I don't want to get rid of it, but its too big for a 1 bedroom appt. I would love to swap this for something smaller as I really need the space. The sub is around 4 years old and living in an appt, has never been used to any of its potential. Is black, front ported with normal mesh. I'm located on the Lower Nth Shore, happy to meet somewhere to swap and make life easier. If you are interested, please call me: 0408 491 627 Ben.
  10. Panasonic Receiver too? Hi gents, FYI, I'm having audio issues with SBS through my Panna HD Plasma to my Denon amp. Have changed many settings, but can't seem to amend the issue. Not sure if its the same, but will advise if I somehow find a work around / ownership of the issue.
  11. What do you want done? Mounted on a wall? I work for Commercial AV company, sure I can give you a name. If you want cables, through wall connections, etc then it gets a little more complex... At the end of the day, something you can do with some help from a friend.