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  1. Selling my much loved Pioneer 9th Gen Kuro. Comes with the original Pioneer remote, stand and speakers. Located - Eight Mile Plains (Brisbane Southside) - 4113. $500. I can possibly deliver, depending on location. (Bris metro).
  2. Thanks for your reply Tazzy and Alan, The signal quality on all other channels is very good. There was about 4 weeks between replacing the antenna and replacing the TV. From all reports, reception had improved remarkably on the bad channels since the antenna was replaced. My original thoughts were that the signal is coming in too hot, but couldn't understand why the STB was able to handle it. I bought the LP34F, as it was the recommendation from NAS. I will try out your attenuator idea Alan. Would I need to get something sloped, as I am only having problems with ABC and 10? Thanks again for your responses. BtB
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for a very informative thread. I just bought my Inlaws a 32" Series 4 Samsung LCD to replace an old Panasonic CRT running a Teac STB. Several weeks back, I replaced the antenna (broken elements) with an LP34F from NAS. This fixed all issues (especially ABC) - which was blocky and pixilated to the point of being unwatchable. All cable is RG6 with F connectors. Flyleads are also RG6. When I replaced the TV and did a scan, it picked up all channels, but will not display the ABC, and ch 10 is also blocky. When I look at the signal strength (I understand it is a guide only) it is giving me strength of about 95%. However - the bit-rate error is very high. After a little while, the ABC picture will appear, but is blocky and frozen. If I plug back in the Teac STB, (using the STB tuner) I get all channels fine again :/ The house is at Springwood. Any thoughts? Btb
  4. +1 From the Pioneer Display Head Honcho when the panels were released - 9th gen glass and electronics. Cheers, BtB
  5. Thanks for your advice. I am toying with the idea of getting rid of the readynas and putting in a mac mini to do the lot..... As you said, no real obvious choice. Cheers, BtB
  6. Hi Guys, I am looking for a recommendation for a simple stream box to be able to watch movies from my Nas. My setup: Pioneer LX509 Tivo HD Netgear ReadyNas Duo I have both wireless and cabled network to the entertainment unit. I currently have pyTivoX running on my iMac, and can stream fine to my Tivo, but Mrs Bear has a lot of problems using it. (I don't leave my iMac running 24/7, and our current streaming use does not warrant it.) I just need a simple way of streaming to Plasma from my NAS. I am only trying to stream video, but being able to stream music and photo's would also be good. Most of my videos are AVI's. I would stream direct to the HMG on my Pio, but it is really picky about file formats. I am looking at an apple iTV, partly because all my home computing setup are Mac's. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance, Cheers, BtB
  7. Hi All, I have a brand new NEC lamp to sell. Basically I bought it in for a customer that had a lamp error. It turns out the SMPSU was also faulty, so I am stuck with a lamp. NEC VT80LP Suits VT48, VT49, VT57, VT58, VT59. RRP was $650. Sell for $450. Brand new in original packaging (including replacement filter.) PM if interested. Cheers, BtB
  8. Not hard to understand. As Laurie said, why would I want to pay to subscribe to duplicate SD channels I am never going to watch? Cheers, BtB
  9. Hi Dave, Long weekend in Melbourne where Pio service is based. Ring 1800 338 439 or check out: for your nearest service centre. Cheers, BtB
  10. Another vote for the Pioneer on interest free. Cheers, BtB
  11. I just hope to watch a few before my BR player runs out of warranty. End of footy season may help. Cheers, BtB
  12. Mate - from another member - Peterca yesterday 3.03pm "In an ad in the Age Green Guide today Klapp electronics in Melbourne have the LX609 advertised at $9999, 6 in stock." Cheers, BtB
  13. Agree totally. That is why we don't watch much Channel 7. It is not part of the foxtel channel flick.