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  1. If I can find the speaker I want in the US, assuming no box / crates will be available, can anyone recommend a pickup / packing service. I can use my normal shipping agents to freight to Oz if required.
  2. Hi My son wants to use Xbox Live via a wireless connection. Do we have to use an Xbox connector or can we just use any thingy or dongle (sorry this isn't my area) to interact with our modem. Also what speed modem is the minimum and what speed modem would be best. Thanks
  3. Not sure on the 550 but I saw a 750 go for approx $1300 and an 850 for $2000 & $2000. Not sure which series or the age though,
  4. If you just connect the HDMI as per normal + optical out for audio when you hit menu it should automatically appear. (PS I am aboslutely the worst expert on this)
  5. Danny PM sent (I think) Please let me know if it was b=not recieved. Dave
  6. A crappy Sony 12". Weighs a ton and makes the room shake. OK for films - shocking for music
  7. Self promotion on Mirrage Centre Speaker (Melbourne) NR currently @ $37 http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=270413145803
  8. Bunnings works for me. More than happy for my fellows to choose alternate options.
  9. Please let us know if you can here a difference..........
  10. I'm quite happy with the Bunning's "high quality" ones. Does make life much easier. Mind you have met some who would debate the sonic qualities of various types of solder.
  11. Ive been looking at replacing my mains on my 2ch system with something with a bit more bass. I picked up a 2 - 1 rca yesterday and ran from the 2nd set of outputs on my pre to a the sony sub we normally use for HT. Thought I'd see what the result was before buying a decent sub for 2.1 or changing the mains. Jury undecided at this point................. If anyone has any thoughts as to the best way to go Id be most interested.
  12. if I buy a 2ch amp and use optical out from my dvd player into an amp, all of the 'processing' will be done on the amp and a 2ch amp won't be able to process dts/dolby digital etc. Use RCA leads - the DVD will perform any processing and pass the signal to the amp. Can't comment on the 540R. Basically 2 ch and HT take a source signal , go via entirely different routes, but both end up in the same place. (well similar) 2ch takes the direct route HT arrives at the same place after complex computational effort
  13. The inbuilt obsolesance wheel is spining faster. (wish i could spel)
  14. At a given price point f- or 2 channel reproduction - a 2 channel amp will/should beat the hell out of a HT amp. As mentioned previously you will be paying for a huge number of features you do not intend to use. If you do intend to go 5.1/7.1 in the mid to long term - HT is advancing at a rate that may make any current 2second hand purchase archaic in 4-5 years. For $2-3K you could buy a high quality 2ch pre/power combo. You may want to thing about a HT bypass to future proof and enable integratuin with a HT amp in the future.
  15. If I ever build a dedicated cinema room I'll think about it.