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  1. Very Nice Theater Top work you done.
  2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Blu-ray $14.99 at Amazon. That a lot better then are price. thank you US
  3. I bought Tears of the Sun one of my first BD I really liked the Movie. And had a Killer Sound Track.
  4. You can run them at 4ohms will not make any difference as bi-amping does not double your wattage. You might just get a little bit cleaner sound and with dynamics might be improved but if you have a beefy and I would say just use 1.
  5. You can buy ex demo stuff from len wallis like the old A5 and the A1008. but if you are in the market for the New Models like the M6 or AMS you will be paying full price.
  6. Sound Great When are you getting your Submersives Sub. I am almost ready to get either the Xpa-3 or 5 am still decided. What you should do is get a Musical Fidelity Amp for your fronts and then get a Xpa-5. You will love the MF Gear.
  7. That sound like a good idea but I would only buy one XPA-2 as bi-amping is a very small difference and not worth it. But it is great that our dollar is so good. How your Panny TV going.
  8. Hi Brad. No the XPA-3 will be used for my Center Channel And surround speakers my M6i Amp will drive my front L-R. Or I might get the Xpa-5 am still deciding.
  9. Thanks. I am trying to put the fund in now am waiting on that. So I can give them my PayPal E-mail Address now and when am ready I just press Pay Now on PayPal Page. That does sound easy. Cheers.
  10. Hi all. Am almost ready to buy the XPA-3 I have a quote from emotiva but Am going to use PayPal this is my first time using PayPal so All I have to give them is my PayPal E-mail Address when I transfer the fund in to PayPal is this right. And I will be good to go!. Thanks
  11. Thanks for that, I am so close to order the XPA-3 amplifier to run my surr and epicentrix my Neuphonix speakers will be power by my MF M6i. I am using a Onkyo receiver SR803 so am guessing the emotiva will be a big step up am I right.
  12. Am thinking of order the XPA-3 how long does it normally take to deliver it.
  13. That a good idea I was think about the same thing about a year ago. it should give some difference. Are you think of getting a emotiva? if so let me know what you think.
  14. does anyone know where I can get the elektra Amplifier second hand.