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  1. Thought that might be the case and that was the vibe I got from a Foxtel CSR today. That's cool. But are there any known issues with either box or is one better than another? Should I be pushing for one particular model or are they both solid enough (apart from the obvious connection differences between the 2). Thanks for the feedback guys.
  2. For those out there with an IQ2, I'm thinking of upgrading from our current IQ1 box. Reading over the doco for the TDC851NF cable model, it says that the Component output connections carry SD only and the only way to get HD output is via HDMI? Now, I know that component carries HD, so is it true that Foxtel have dumbed down the component connections to carry the SD signal only? Also, anyone know what model cable box they are deploying for IQ2s now as the Foxtel site lists the TDC851NF as well as the TDC850NF.
  3. Will there be additional costs for the Fox Footy channel? Or will it be included in the Sports and Platinum packages?
  4. THIS!! I'd expect that being a Foxtel from Telstra and Telstra Cable Internet customer that this would be unmetered... otherwise, they can belt it.
  5. Ok we had our IQ box replaced about a month ago or so, and we've gone to book our Box Office films for the month and instead of asking for a pin number to verify the the purchase, it just says "Phone Foxtel or your provider on 131999" etc. Now, the Moden Test App (chan 998) connects ok and the System Setting shows a valid phone line connected. Faulty box or something else? Thoughts? Comments?
  6. Forced it on the old box and when I had that replaced last week, the tech forced it on the new box too. Same result - ie. skips, reboots, frame loss etc.
  7. Fluffy, I agree. We are getting random reboots too. You might be watching playback of a recorded program and recording another (just like last night a couple of hours before I posted above) and bang... reboot. No warning. Just there one second, gone the next. It certainly seems that something has gone a foot for many in recent weeks as the responses are consistent in here. Fingers crossed the new firmware for Nov 15's launch of the new channels and EPG etc fix this because it's pissing a lot of people off.
  8. It's terrible to say this but I"m glad I'm not alone with these reboot issues. For whatever reason our IQ1 had started doing the same thing a few weeks back. It got to the point where it was a regular thing - almost nightly. We are also experiencing constant error code 41s in recording - "Recording interrupted due to signal loss" and we've also had the frame skip problem as well. We jumped through Foxtel's hoops (aka power down for 30seconds if that doesn't work then perform house keeping) and still no joy. So I got a tech out to replace the box with another IQ1. Sadly, the problem still remains. Perhaps the new firmware that is due with the new channels and epg etc might fix the problem. Time will tell.
  9. I was told the same as xclusive_gamer.
  10. Yup, all back in Brisbane too this morning. Perhaps they are setting things up for these new channels?
  11. Hey all After a 2 and a half day outtage thanks to a blackout in my area, our Foxtel came back up today all as good as gold. In fact, when the tech phone to follow up on my booking from my initial call to Foxtel, I confidently said "All good, cancel the appointment." Now, after it being all sweet since coming back at 10am Monday morning, I'm here (well past the witching hour) and all the FTA channels have dissappeared and the EPG for the FTA channels is empty. Anyone else have this problem in Brisbane or seen this before? Cheers, Simon
  12. @ Freeview. That's putting a new spin on an already existing product. Flavour Flav said it well - don't believe the hype!
  13. No loss. I won't be missing the sports selector at all.
  14. Interesting fix Jabba and glad you seem to have yours sorted. But for me, I shouldn't have to tinker with what is a $600 box to get it to just work. The end result of my dramas, I raised yet another call with Sony and told them I don't want the box. They can take it back and refund my money and they did - about 70% of what I paid for it as it was 3 months out of warranty. Although I questioned that I should get 100% of the cost back, I just took the 70% and gave them their pile of crap STB back. I've never replaced it either yet. I do have a Strong 5290 SD box that we used for a while, but we also have Foxtel IQ so that will do. No HD but I'm passed caring right now anyways haha. Cheers, Simon