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  1. Unit in excellent condition used daily still hooked only reason for selling is bought a new RX-A3050 replacement. Any test welcome. $800 Sorry no box. Located in Huntleys Cove NSW near Gladesville. Paul 0414253876
  2. Price drop $250 try find a better 70ich picture quality under $2000.
  3. Excellent working order with brand new spare lamp, No issues, picture light engine was fixed under warranty in 2010 no issues ever since fanatastic quality picture. Price $520 pickup from Merrylands NSW 2160. Paul 0414 253 876
  4. Getting my 70" back Monday finally after 5 weeks let's hope it will last.
  5. Owen how do you compare the quality of our SXRD to the current crop of Plasma's and LED's ie Samsung D8000 and Sony 925 series can it still match for detail and blacks or has technology moved on and passed the SXRD.
  6. Finally the insurer is confirmed that my 70" will be getting repaired parts shipped and should be fixed by the end of next week. I dont know if this is a good thing and will the unit last for a few more years now, was sure they were going to replace the unit.
  7. they told the insurer is taking longer because rear projection is older technology so they take more time with the decision. I told them you cannot compare this with normal rear pro. They seem to be confused about that statement. What can they replace it with Sony 925 series in 55 yeah right.
  8. Over 3 weeks and I am still waiting for a decision is this normal? They say they are waiting for Sony to approve pricing to fix the unit?
  9. Do they try to replace the set with Sony or can it be any brand? I dont think they would replace it with a 65 plasma anyway without it costing me money.
  10. It's been over two weeks and still no answer from sss they say the repair is worth more than the cost of the tv and they are waiting to hear from the insurer this was last Friday everyday I call and get no answer. What kind of payout figures are going around for these sets? Can I just get my set back as the problem was very slight if they offer a silly figure say a $1000.
  11. I saw a Samsung D8000 64 Inch Plasma at HN was quite impressed with the picture quality nice design apart from the chrome stand. It is a size step down but I sit only 2.5 metres away anyway so I could live with it.
  12. SSS is waiting for the go ahead of repair of my 70" they say its the red and blue lcd bit confused about that, price so far to fix is $2399, will see if it gets fixed or a replacement will be offered. Owen do think the new Panasonic VT30 65 coming out can be a worthy replacement? I might not have a choice in the matter though will see.
  13. Just had my 70 inch sxrd taken away today for repair as well hope they can fix it as there is no replacement out there that comes close yet in 70inch or above. Should be interesting when the 72inch LG comes out and the the 75inch Samsung.
  14. Any eta on Autralian supply maybe this could be my 70 sxrd replacement specs look good. My Sony is starting to show a slight pattern in the right side I have 5 year warranty time to see what I can get.