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  1. sorry Alan, i've been without an internet connection for a few weeks. They are on j poles, I may be able to move my J pole higher up the gabled facia ( at the moment it is tangled in a tree. not good! ). Shinil
  2. what would you suggest alan? And would it be fair to assume the hight and direction will be similar to those on neighboring houses? Shinil
  3. Thanks, I was looking for something from NAS because my friend has an account there. ( but he just goes for the most expensive! ) Will log periodic be good in the city or are those combo types better?
  4. Hi Alanh, I live in New Farm Brisbane and it has been suggested to me that the NAS (ANTLP345HVF) log periodic antenna mounted on the second story roof would be a good choice for digital only reception. the transmitters are all in one place however the city is between me and them. At the moment I am using the vhf/uhf rabbit ears from DSE mounted on the wall at about six feet above the second story floor. The reception from this is fair on most days and I can receive all channels however it does experience pop and squeaks and occasional signal loss. Grateful for advice regards Shinil.