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  1. http://myhometheater.homestead.com/viewingdistancemetric.html JSmith
  2. Looks fantastic. Sloth, LOL. JSmith
  3. Shame iinet doesn't have what TPG does on their site, which shows distance to node/exchange as line of sight and cable run length. Seems a bit average that your supposed 25Mbps connection slows to 7Mbps during peak times... I'd be lodging some customer feedback on that. JSmith
  4. I know mate... but no ones wants to see it wasted either. Lies and Greed? JSmith
  5. Particularly on a $15 000 TV... Life's Good. JSmith
  6. We built this city on Rock and Roll! JSmith
  7. During the day too right? So projector is not ideal? I'm pretty sure you've already thought about all this right, before deciding on buying an 85"? ... so we're still trying to clarify whether the LG you mentioned uses "nanotech" I gather? The LG using an IPS doesn't bother you? I reckon a VA based panel will be find for 40deg. off axis compared to the substandard colours of an IPS based panel. Surely the Sony 85" is a pretty good option here? It's shame these beasts never got released! https://www.cnet.com/au/news/samsung-touts-4k-oled-tv-98-inch-behemoth/ https://www.engadget.com/2013/12/29/samsung-110-inch-uhd-tv/ This seems to be in Saudi only... JB Canberra is supposed to have stock of the 85"; http://www.samsung.com/sa_en/consumer/tv-av/tv/uhd/UA110S9ARXUM/ JSmith
  8. Exactly... I don't believe cost/value is a major consideration here. JSmith
  9. He already has a big and disappointing Hisense... JSmith
  10. I agree and doubt a VA based panel would suffer from colour wash out at this angle. JSmith
  11. Whilst this is often technically true... it doesn't really assist Blackman to make a decision on a model of TV. He wants to prepare for current and future 4K sources. It's irrelevant whether 4K sources contain visible 4K resolution when simply discussing whether a panel can display it properly or not, 3rd party devices aside. Surely you have a suggestion for an 85"+ 4K TV from current available or upcoming options? JSmith
  12. Mate, I mentioned that as did CWT... just trying to help out with a few options. JSmith
  13. For sure, but was just referring to the 2K/4K issue specifically. JSmith
  14. http://www.dvdbeaver.com/ (comparisons) http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film6/blu-ray_reviews_75/taxi_driver_blu-ray.htm .. but not many 4K comparisons yet. Best way to check if a title if real or fake 4K is here; http://realorfake4k.com/my-product_tags/uhd-disc/ and; http://4kblurays.com/ Apart from bluray.com; http://ultrahd.highdefdigest.com/ JSmith