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  1. Yep; Audio English: Dolby Atmos http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Fifth-Element-4K-Blu-ray/171526/ The mastered in 4K BD did also. JSmith
  2. Great, love this film. The 2007 1080p version was the best I'd ever seen this film look, so being a 4K scan from the original 35mm (done for the "mastered in 4K version) should ensure this looks fantastic on UHD. http://realorfake4k.com/my-product/the-fifth-element/ JSmith
  3. My old 83 used to do this on all Universal titles... only way out was to press "pop-up menu" and it would go back to the film. Bloody annoying to hear this quirk has made it's way to some UHD players/titles. JSmith
  4. Is it the WOLED panel type and colour filter that causes this? I don't recall the Samsung RGBOLED suffering from such an issue? JSmith
  5. Could be... hope not. I guess making a public release statement of the sort, one would hope they actually do it. edit: as for "they had to" recall it, I think this was a voluntary decision after customer complaints. The release complied with BD specs for bitrate and audio. JSmith
  6. Good news... at least they recognise there is a problem and are prepared to do something about it. JSmith
  7. Yep, so far still $598 online; https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/players-recorders/panasonic/panasonic-dmp-ub900gnk-4k-ultra-hd-blu-ray-player/980416/ JSmith
  8. + 1 JSmith
  9. Cool, I hope this is the case. Thanks for the info. JSmith
  10. Speed for random customers isn't really this issue with the "NBN" is it? It's the fact than FTTP was scrapped in favour of this botched mess we have now. In many Sydney area's it's 25Mbps max HFC... [email protected] JSmith
  11. Exactly... and they know it's almost a guaranteed double dip (for most fans) when they release them, being Star Wars and all. JSmith
  12. I think it needs to be promoted more... TV, instore etc. Some bluray stockists make the UHD/4K section so small it's even difficult to find. JSmith
  13. Bloody hope so, it's a stupid idea! JSmith