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  1. Thanks for the help guys. Just to make sure I understand - no commercial digital as yet and no indication as to when it will commence?
  2. Hi, I'm after some help and although it's slightly unrelated to current discussion but I'm a noob and can't start a new thread. My parents have recently re-locatedfrom Hobart to St Helens (8 or 9 weeks ago) and when I went up to set up all of their electronic stuff for them I discovered that we could only pick up the ABC digital tv broadcast. I did a bit a reasearch and found that there wasn't a DTV signal in St Helens at the time. Does anyone know if that was changed recently or if it will in the near future. I was planning to go up and visit at Christmas but I couldn't stand the boxing day test match in analogue. Sorry if this has already been answered, the forum search wasn't working and I lokked but couldn't find any info anywhere else. Thanks in advance. Doctordaze