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  1. Sound on 7HD is in Dolby Digital 2.0? Really in this day and age why don't we get 5.1 for the olympics?
  2. McDigital I'll take a look next time I'm in Nth Tassie. Don't get up to the Illawarra much anymore sadly.
  3. From Tuesday 26 July, 7TWO will no longer be retransmitted via our satellite to customers in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Instead, 7mate will become available on channel 188. Some satellite customers in these areas may be concerned that they can no longer access horse racing programming on 7TWO. However, you can still get your horse racing fix on: RACING.COM (channel 529) Sky Racing (channel 526) Sky Thoroughbred Central (channel 528) These are all available in either the Entertainment or Essentials packages http://community.foxtel.com.au/t5/Announcements/7mate-replaces-7TWO-for-selected-satellite-areas/m-p/141250#M5225 Does not come as a surprise really
  4. None of the ABC Local Radio regional FM stations broadcast in stereo as far as I know
  5. One would think 24/7Porn would rate really well.
  6. Unless you have poor reception which if you live in Canberra I would doubt, then you won't get VAST.
  7. all NRL games are on GEM in southern states
  8. Daystar and RT can be both viewed online which explains why they are both cheap.
  9. Speed was HD anyway so that wouldnt change once it becomes Fox Sports 4. Fuel becoming FS5 is an interesting one. Not sure there's enough HD content out there
  10. Do you get ABC and SBS ok?
  11. 3AW on digital went down this morning. Anyone know why?
  12. UKTV used to be on Essentials once. Since BBC First will be on soon this is hardly surprising.
  13. Wonder how much interest there is in SA since there is no team there. I know there is huge interest in WA
  14. I've noticed lately that there are promotions for Channel 10 shows on Foxtel. I assume this would be due to Murdoch having a stake in the network. Anyone want to comment on this?