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  1. Hi Prior,I work in Melbourne, I might be able to at least get some advice from them on the best way to go?
  2. Hi Prior, I'm in Geelong. Why is that?
  3. Storm, I have contacted the clowns that installed my air con. Anyway they won't help hence why I'm here asking the question here. They certainly are not experts in the field.
  4. I have the garage and kitchen to each side of the room and the hall to the back where the doors are. So I don't think I could vent it out. I do have the return air chamber for the whole air con behind where my amp etc is. It's in a wall void there. The actual return air for the system is in the hall. I was thinking of venting direct to the back of that wall but because the unit is Zoned and has dampeners in the ducts for every room of the house I was afraid of doing that as it would always suck air from the theatre room even when not in use. Also being the central return as soon as I cut into the plaster and remove insulation I think I would get a lot of noise in the room. I was looking at something like this? The unit that goes in the ceiling from one room to the next?
  5. Hi all, It's been a while since I have posted. I would like to ask the question as to what does everyone do for air returns in there theatre rooms. I have a ducted air conditioner with double timber doors on the rear I have them sealed. The problem is once the heater or air con it needs a return so far I have to keep the door open a little. Does anyone have knowledge as to what I should use. Should I use a sound proof air return on the doors do they exist or would I be better off using a return air diffuser in the ceiling of my theatre room with a decent chamber length with the other side in the ceiling of my hall where the air return is. I want to make sure I keep the sound levels down in the hall. Any advice would be great. I'm still in the setup stages of the room but here is some photos.
  6. Can I please have the group buy price of the tw9000. Thank you.
  7. Hi, Im wondering if there is anything on the market that will transmit foxtel over RF but be picked up by the digital tuner on a tv not the analog tuner? If so what that money are we looking at or should i just stick with the analog modulator for foxtel? Thanks
  8. Im thinking ill stick with 16:9 only because of my current budget and a fair bit of foxtel hd content will be viewed on the projector. THX specs is what ill be atfer. So is it a silly idea to have a projector hole like what i suggest at the back of my room. I think im a little confused on the trow distances. Can i actually place a projector at say 4 meters then pick my screen size or do i actually have to mount the projector the right distance from the screen to get my desired size. How much play do the projectors give you??
  9. Thanks for the quick reply RazorTT. I would love to get rid of the window but she wants the window to get natural light in there and air it out. She has some sort of feeling that it will feel damp and mouldy in there without it. I thought the drape would act as some sort of room treatment, if not i wont bother paying for a drape would i be better off with the panels. What type could be hung? I has been doing a bit more reading, measuring and visualising 250mm and it seems like a good size to go, how deep are you actually going RazorTT? Movie theatre im sitting around the start of the 2/3 mark or seating sometime closer. I think ill just have to much cables and switches under the window and if i need to do additional things later i think it would be very tough to change or replace something if all switches were under the window. What do you think?
  10. Good Morning, I will be building my house in around 6 months and am currently planning my home theatre room. I have to make it work with what I have but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of the proposed Theatre room. As you can see I have a dirty big window in the room. I have done my calculations on the room and its seems to be an ideal shape and size if I set the projector up above the double doors and throw it towards the wall with the window. (The window has to stay because the misses wants it and I have tried to convince and still trying but at this stage it stays). Ceilings will be 2430mm. I obviously will need a motorised screen mounted to the roof just in front of the windows and the blinds. I’m thinking going a closed Kassett blind like this Kassett Blind. Ok Here is some questions I hope I can get help for. 1) Will that blind be sufficient to block out light etc? 2) Should I still drape the whole front soundstage? 3) I want to (Coffer or Bulkhead) the whole room and make a hole in the bulkhead to house projector similar to this Photo, will it fit with my 2430 ceilings and the double doors? I’m not really sure on the standard 820mm door heights and how this is achieved. Not really building minded. So help here is appreciated. 4) Four seater Couch will be 1 meter off back wall and projector screen roughly 150mm to allow for blinds etc, giving me roughly 3320mm from seating position to screen. What size screen should I get for a room this size and where my seating is, 110inch or 100inch? 5) What type or racking is usually used for these jobs and where is the best place to house the equipment (front or back of Theatre room), im planning on having my foxtel, amp, media player, blu ray, hd box, mutil room amp, and component matrix switcher in this room. I guess this is the start of plenty of planning. And any help or ideas would be appreciated. Cheers P.S I’m using a 7.1 setup just in case anybody asks the question.
  11. Rooksy I got one from Retrovision Geelong, 2 weeks back for the same price without the warranty But it was not a display model.
  12. Hi, I have been thinking about my current setup, I am using an onkyo 606 with speakers from Edward at Adelaide speakers, my fronts and Centre are rated at 130w rms, and my surrounds are rated to 60w rms. My amplifier does not have pre outs but I am looking to upgrade to one that has. I am not really sure what the Onkyo 606 real RMS ratings are they state this below (which is from the manual) but I can’t seem to work it out per chan. My speakers are 8Ω. What I was wondering hypothetically (if the onkyo had pre outs) would I be better of buying a 3 Chan power amp to drive the fronts and the centres and run the surrounds off the AVR as they only need 60w RMS? What type of benefit will the 3 Chan amp give me? I am Looking at using my system for a bit more stereo music. Should I not worry about a 3 chan amp and got for a 7 chan amp? If so what are the reason behind this. If I get a 175w Elektra Theatron will I have trouble running the lower wattage surrounds speakers with such high wattage? I have tried searching but it seems to be down. Onkyo 606 specs Asian and Oceanian: 7 ch × 175 W at 6 ohms, 1kHz, 1 ch driven (JEITA) Dynamic Power 210 W (3Ω, Front) 180 W (4Ω, Front) 110 W (8Ω, Front) Thanks People Cheers Steve
  13. I think overscan increases image size by 3% or 5%, it would be good if it could be adjusted in the service menu but i dont recall it on there when i had my G10 on the Panasonic. The white line is from the station, I think sits where they carry closes captions and subtitles etc for certain content. It might not be possible to get rid of it mate without overscan on.
  14. Turn overscan on and see what happens.
  15. Ill post my settings when I get home. I actually brought controlcal to get access via the rs-232 port on the back of the C509a. All functions were accessible. I saved mine to the ISF profiles. I have day night and Auto modes. I calibrated my set using calman and my eyeone display 2 too my bluray player. I know these are not the best for plasmas but its all i had. Still looks a hell of a lot better than it did out of the box. Took a while to work out all of the adjustments and i have done a few tv's with my oye one before. Getting the pimary and secondaries righ tare a real task and the advance colour managment system is just a joke and really hard to predict but with plenty of stuffing about it paid off.