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  1. Haha...a friend of mine (Scott) is one of the salesman there and he has mentioned this LG to me. I'll let him know that he can't setup a TV to save his life. I haven't seen one yet. He's been around AV stuff for 10+ years too so he should know better.
  2. Thanks...so any idea roughly how many pixels are in the overscan area on each side? Are you getting the wavy lines issue at 50Hz? I don't think ATI have any way to conpensate for overscan yet do they?
  3. Just to confirm, has anyone had any luck getting it working at 50Hz with Powerstrip at native res? Or even 50Hz at non-native res that doesn't look too bad? If it only works at 25i then I'm not sure it will be suitable for HTPC duty. Deinterlaced video reinterlaced tends to introduce some slightly annoying artifacts in my experience.
  4. I just can't believe how low the quality control standard on electronic devices has become. If I were to buy a display and it had 6 dead pixels which would drive most people nuts (especially after spending that much money) I wouldn't have a leg to stand on as far as getting it replaced. I don't know about you but for me that's a very scary prospect. To explain further I recently bought a Samsung MP3 player which stopped working after 1 week. The retailer sent it away to be repaired and Samsung sent it back and charged me a $35 fee claiming that there was "moisture damage" This despite the fact that I hadn't had it anywhere near water or even sweat. Try arguing that point against a Samsung rep on the phone - lots of fun. Upon reading the manual, it said not to operate the device in humidity above 75% or temp above 35C !! That means that the product is unusable for about 40% of summer days in QLD. How can they get away with selling a product like that?
  5. I've just been looking at finally buying a decent display but this thread has scared me away for another 6-12 months at least. 6or7 dead pixels on a 6 grand TV is acceptable??? Gimme a f***n break! - Depends which side of the counter you're standing.
  6. Exactly, so what's the point of the ISO MP4 spec if Blue Ray and HDDVD don't use it?
  7. At this stage, it seems H.264 AVC takes about half the amount of space of MPEG2 for the same quality. (That's assuming videophile quality. At lower quality AVC is even more efficient than MPEG2) Currently it takes about 10x as much CPU to decode AVC compared to MPEG2 though so dedicated decoding chips are going to be essential for the forseeable future. I estimate 1920x1080p will require about 4.0GB/hour with AVC and about 8.0GB/hour for MPEG2. One thing which puzzles me with H.264 AVC is which audio format they will use. ISO MPEG4 only allows for AAC audio but 99% of people have Dolby Digital decoders and I can't see them parting with those any time soon.
  8. If you 'unlock' modes higher than 480i you can fudge 576i in Powerstrip but as I said, it's dodgy and sometimes results in bluescreens. With these later drivers though, PS seems to get 'stuck' in 640x432 virtual desktop and it's nigh on impossible to get 576i (even unstably) It's extremely frustrating as 480i looks sensational on my 16:9 TV but I don't watch much NTSC material. The S-Video is OK but for some reason there's a bright blotch down the side of the screen on ATI cards I've used.
  9. Therein lies the problem for 576i. I've managed to get a perfect Windows desktop display @50Hz, but the system becomes unstable when playing a game or video. I've tried it on 2 different systems with ATI + component adapters.
  10. It's easy with VGA or DVI - you can just set custom resolutions/refreshes with Powerstrip. Powerstrip also affects the component out but something very screwy seems to happen to the system.
  11. It's very difficult to get 50Hz via Powerstrip through the component out. It's possible with a lot of messing about but then as soon as you try to play a few movies etc the PC freezes. Overlay in particular doesn't work at all. The bottom line is that ATI refuse to support 50Hz HDTV even though it would be fairly easy for them to do.
  12. Component, of course. That's what the ATI HDTV adapter is.
  13. Yeah, not really worthy of a a full digit upgrade by the sound of it. STILL no 50Hz HDTV adapter support.
  14. What about if you're using SPDIF output to a receiver when watching a DVD? Doesn't reclock resample the audio on-the-fly to sync the video with the monitor refresh?
  15. I went to a specialist projector store recently and I seemed to know more about their projectors than they did. ...and I'd just read some reviews on projectorcentral.com. I wondered how on earth someone can own a projector store and spend all day every day selling them and yet still know so little. The mind boggles.