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  1. Thanks Bern for the quick and easy sale.

  2. Some games and themes are free to keep even after your subscription ends. Just have to read the terms and conditions for each item you download.
  3. The Pacific SOLD. Kenny G Pending.
  4. It is pending sale. PM sent.
  5. FOR SALE: The Pacific [Reg B]. Watched once and it is in excellent condition. Bought it from JB Hi Fi and includes the 22 page picture booklet. $55 inc post. PENDING Kenny G: An Evening of Rhythm & Romance Blu-ray (Reg 0) $18 posted.
  6. I took my son to watch this movie last school holiday expecting a dumber than dumb movie but was surprisingly intrigued and held my attention for the duration of the movie. Highly recommended and IMHO is one of the better offerings during the last school holidays. Very under-rated and will defo pick this up.
  7. FS: Kenny G - An Evening of Rhythm and Romance (Reg Free) $18 posted.
  8. I'm still after Diana Krall if anyone has one to offload.
  9. Looking for Diana Krall: Live in Rio. Please PM with your offer. Cheers
  10. Looking to trade John Mayer for Diana Krall.
  11. +1. I don't care about the bickering, I'm more interested in Pioneers' customer service. I still have 4 years of warranty left with them!
  12. When my Pio got delivered, the tech updated the firmware for me before mouting it on the wall. I had to request for it though...
  13. Nova, did you get a new plasma or did they managed to repair it?