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  1. If you go to a localcomputer swap meet you can buy them there reasonably cheaply http://www.technologymarkets.com.au/
  2. Pretty much any movie with Nicole Kidman IMO - terrible actress and a just doesn't know how to pick a decent movie
  3. Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull - a real stinker The Hangover - just didn't find it funny
  4. We will probably find a move towards world wide pricing models. I'm fairly sure that is the Apple model, ie the same price for the product wherever you are in the world, also taking into account exchange rates. Though as a few have mentioned, extremely high overheads such as shop rentals will no doubt make this model harder in Australia
  5. ozboy - that's a great find and a real saver - thanks
  6. I've had In Bruges for a while and always wondererd why I bought it - so I forced myself recently to watch it. I was pleasantly surprised - I think it a really good & interesting movie - so you've just prompted me to watch it again
  7. The Blind Side, Twilight, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Batman Begins Casino Royale, Pride & Prejudice, Underworld, Yes Man, Zombieland, Transporter2, Gladiator
  8. I'm still awaiting refund also
  9. Some oldies...but favourites of mine Logan's Run Groundhog Day Planet of the Apes - 40th Anniversary Collection
  10. Rollerball (the 1975 James Caan version - not the crap remake) Though the hi tech computer technology used in the movie, looks pretty prehistoric now
  11. Agree with earlier post, I would expect that there would be an option somewhere in settings of the player that would display MAC address, however, if you can access your router settings - which I assume you can if you are setting up by MAC address, there is usually a tab where you can see which 'clients' are connected. I have a linksys wireless router, and within my status tab I can select the option to view which wireless clients are connected or which LAN clients are connected. This will display MAC addresses of those connected. Through a process of elimination you should be able to determine the MAC address of your BD player.
  12. I was just at JB Eastland and saw this at $34.95, so perhaps new pricing across the board for this title
  13. I have to disagree here. Selling out of as catalogue item, in particular BDs, within the first few hours of a week long sale - with no restocking, is in my mind, absolutely atrocious and really does resemble bait selling. It happens week after week. In fact it is rare that this does not happen, in my experience. In the end I usually head over to JB to buy the BD. I don't understand why they have such limited stock each time. Is it the supplier limiting them? If so why does JB always seem to have plenty of stock?
  14. I agree - sounds like an overscanning feature. The closer you get to 100% the slightly smaller your projected picture becomes. So it could be an idea to check the overscan settings
  15. Me too - I was just about to order. However, if it can be reduced once - it will be reduced again, we just need to bide our time