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  1. If you go to a localcomputer swap meet you can buy them there reasonably cheaply http://www.technologymarkets.com.au/
  2. I'm still awaiting refund also
  3. I have to disagree here. Selling out of as catalogue item, in particular BDs, within the first few hours of a week long sale - with no restocking, is in my mind, absolutely atrocious and really does resemble bait selling. It happens week after week. In fact it is rare that this does not happen, in my experience. In the end I usually head over to JB to buy the BD. I don't understand why they have such limited stock each time. Is it the supplier limiting them? If so why does JB always seem to have plenty of stock?
  4. Me too - I was just about to order. However, if it can be reduced once - it will be reduced again, we just need to bide our time
  5. Me too - same email We did expect this to happen so no surprises
  6. For those of you who have a daughter constantly pestering you to get the Hannah Montana movie and don't want to pay the $49 price at JB, well then... Amazon UK has just dropped it's price to 9.98 pounds - too good to refuse
  7. Tony, have you ordered and received the Special Edition. I too would like to buy and the description on Amazon is 1 disc, however 293 mins. I sent a question to Amazon asking them to clarify and they came back and said it is the single disc version. So I'm not too sure I want to order now. Has anyone else received this version and can confirm whether it includes parts 1 & 2 or not?
  8. I generally tend to buy the 2 disc versions Vs the one disc versions. I always think I'll sit down and watch all those extra features yet never seem to, so in this case I thought I would take the savings instead this time
  9. I bought this double pack - my first experience with DVD.Co.UK. I ordred on the 8th - delivered today (14th). Very happy with shipping times and delivered for $37. I would definitely buy from them again. A real bargain, given this double pack is $69 at JB
  10. Thanks for the tip - went and bought them myself
  11. Was just at JB's in the city (Melb) and they had both Fearless and Changeling at $19.98. I hadn't seen them as low as this previously
  12. I was at Target at lunchtime and for those interested in 17 Again, the BD was $25 ($40 at JB)
  13. Great movie, I picked it up also, looking forward to watching it in HD How good is it to finally see some old back catalogue movies at reasonable (cheap) prices. To even think of charging $35+ for some of the old titles out there is quite simply an insult and there is no way I will update my DVD version to BD at that price. However at these cheaper prices, for the titles I really like, it's a no brainer, and will actually get me spending more money on BD. I hope some of the studios/distributors/retailers are taking note
  14. It's such a shame Big W just can't get better organised for their Blu Ray sales, and have plenty of stock, so that people can go to their store anytime during the sale and pick up the BD rather than have to be there in the first 3 hours or miss out. It would also be good if they could actually stock it in some kind of order so you find the relevant BD. I really would like to buy from Big W (as I believe they are the price setters, not JB who really only ever seem to respond to Big W and I would really like to reward Big W for their efforts through my purchase), but they just make it so goddam hard.