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  1. So i got my SONY VPLHS50. I mounted it to my wall, and bought a 100" electric screen off ebay. i picked it up from radio rentals, (ex rental), for $850.00. Just wanted to know if anyone knows much about the projector, seems nice, good quality through hdmi. Probably showing its age now but im only 15 and this is my first projector. Thanks!
  2. 200. lol.
  3. other peoples thoughts please. im still confused on which one to keep.
  4. Thanks. Cant wait to know what it looks like with the HDMI cable in. cheers.
  5. Thanks. Cant wait to know what it looks like with the HDMI cable in. cheers.
  6. I swaped this today. brought the sony home, looks fair good. do people think that this is a good deal? if not, i can get back the Panny anytime. just took the sony because it has 0 hours on it, and the Pana has 1929. Anyway let me know. thanks.
  7. whats the hours on it.
  8. hey dude, im interested.
  9. can these bulbs sell for under 400?
  10. if you need it for a wall, shelby's wall mount is great.
  11. it has 1923 hours on the lamp when i got it. seems preety hard to see in the day time, but at night it's fine. how is it with a new globe? But in the dark at 1923 hours, its superb.
  12. went to a clearence sale today and picked one up for 750. it fires up well, really happy with it anyone had or has one? thanks.
  13. thanks for that forum. this looks preety good. what do they mean by factory second? http://www.epson.com.au/shoponline/shop/Di...mp;Store=Refurb