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    * Classical music - opera, ballet, chamber, choral, baroque & early, ...
    * Quality 2CH & surround sound audio (SACD, DVD-A, etc) via Joe Rasmussen modded OPPO 105, & via a Meridian Sooloos Music Server with 2 twin 2TB HDD twinstores housing over 12,000 albums – used for serious music listening via a M2Tech Vaughan DAC -> HeadRoom Blockhead amp -> Sennheiser HD800 headphones<br/>* Rotel RSP1570, Esoteric UX-1 player, Halcro DM68s & Plinius amps -> electrostatic speakers (Main L/R & centre are Sound Labs "Majestic" units)
    * Quality video off laserdiscs, DVDs, digital satellite & FTA digital -> DVDO VP50 Pro switcher/enhancer -> Sony VW200 projector -> Stewart 96" screen. Topfield 7100 HD PVR, Pioneer 630H DVD-R (160 gb HDDs), UltrPlus 900HD (satellite) PVR (1 TB HDD)
    * All the above in a custom designed entertainment/lounge room of pentagonal shape (built the rest of the house around it)
    * BMW's - own a 2000 540i
    * Travel (Toured 50+ countries)
    * Digital photography - Nikon D7000 with 18-200 VR lens, 80-400 VR lens & a 105 mm micro Nikkor
    Denon 4308 receiver, Denon 3930 player, Sony HD STB, Topfield 7000 PVR, SONY 70" SXRD TV, custom main L/R spkrs, Sonique centre, Polk rears & Legend Kurlo 3 sub
  1. I live in Tasmania postcode 7252 but the box would be posted from Launceston. I guess we might be able to arrange something else if anyone in Tasmania is interested. I checked out Australia Post costs from Launceston (7250) to Victoria and it was $46.65. The box weighs just under 18kg and measures 60 x 60 x 32.5 cm so freight costs can be calculated on the AP website.
  2. Thanks Quark. Yes a genuine buy for some lucky person!!
  3. Not sure I've dome the right thing but I've replaced this Onkyo with am Anthem 50v and so far have not been wowed with any improvement - such is A/V life. Result - here is is a mint condition Onkyo FS - not a scratch on it, everything works + it was used on a well ventilated open shelf. Originally RRP of $3999 and I read exactly the same as the even more expensive Integra, so at $1195 it is a bargain for someone. It processed good laserdiscs via s-video up to DVD standards so its video processing is top notch + it has a huge array of DSP modes to process audio to anyone's particular tastes. However please note you need to supply your own amplifiers for up to a 9.2 system. I had it operating in 7.4 with 4 subs. I'll not give further blurb as anyone who is not familiar with the Onkyo can Google up details but do note it has far more connection possibilities than newer gear which has economised by only having HDMI inputs. THe Onkyo does have 8 HDMI inputs but also has provision for connecting other gear. Please forgive the use of commercial photos as I've packed it up in its original box with remote Audessy mic & manual ready to ship out but will remove it and take pics if anyone requires them. Feel free to contact me with any questions - probably better done direct via email AT (@): jcoulsonATiprimus.com.au Thanks for reading John
  4. Hi With terrestrial TV now too unreliable we have had to switch to satellite so, with great reluctance, I recently sold my MAGIC recorder. However, just tidying up I discovered an Owners Guide which is obviously no more use to me. I thought I had included it with the recently sold one but if I did not, and you read this, please make contact. Otherwise it is a freebie for anyone who would like to pay the postage ($2 to $3). Please do not clutter up this board with replies but get in touch by email jcoulsonATiprimus.com.au (obviously replacing the AT).
  5. I can find no model number listed on the back. On the front is says "FREEVIEW" but the updated firmware is not freeview and allows for skipping etc without any Freeview restrictions. AFAIK there was only one model MAGIC ever released in Australia. It is a twin tuner unit and, in my experience, the best Hi Def 2 channel terrestrial unit ever released here. I hate selling it for that reason, but if I'm not using it there is no point in hanging on to it as my only move away from here will be in a box!! John
  6. It is with deep regret I'm finally deciding to sell this. Reason: climate change has meant our blackspot situation here has become so bad we now rely entirely on satellite and the cursed VAST. Previously it was only bad reception in Summer but now it is all the year. So this MAGIC box has had virtually no use for the last 2 years. It has the firmware to allow skipping etc etc so is not Freeview and has a 1TB internal HDD. It is in mint condition and works fine with a good signal. (On sensitivity, it is far better than most but sadly, not good enough for here these days). I'm in no hurry to sell so make your offers this month and I'll decide before the end of the month. I think I might have the original box but no promise on that. Probably best to email me direct: [email protected] rather than clog up this board, one which sadly, I now rarely visit. I can take photos and/or answer any questions for anyone interested. Cheers John
  7. I have given up on terrestrial TV because we live in a blackspot that appears to be worsening due to climate change. We now rely 100% on satellite so this HUMAX is FS. When I had it operating it had the most sensitive tuner and could bring in channels the MAGIC could not (and I guess I should offer it FS too - offers??). The internal 500GB HDD was only used for a couple of hours (to see if it worked) so overall the unit is in mint condition. It is the current model and you can see details at http://www.humaxdigital.com/au/products/product.php?gid=614 I have all the original box etc and will send it, well wrapped, in a 3KG satchel anywhere in Australia. No haggling please as the price, which includes postage, is rock bottom. Thanks for reading John
  8. Just tried out Movie collector but it only has links to movies, not the classical music genre I want. I'm guessing most are like that. Anyone know of a suitable database for videos of classical music that is linked to an internet database for easy data insertion? As a last resort I could use Excel and do heaps of typing but with me making heaps of typos in my old age I'd prefer to avoid that if possible. TIA, All suggestions welcomed.,
  9. Thanks for finding out. John
  10. Thanks gawaterman but the 540 control board will not work with the 550. Bummer that Pioneer have specific drive assemblies with specific associate boards that are all different for each of their DVRs. Bottom line it looks as if the 550HXS here will have to be relegated to only play DVDs, record from TV on its HDD, but will be unable to burn DVDs from files on that HDD. I guess it serves as a warning to all of us to be very careful about buying used Pioneer DVRs as, good as they are, they are now getting long in the tooth with spare parts and repairs difficult, if not impossible. I realise this is not the end of the world and PCs offer a better path for burning DVDs etc but DVRs are convenient and not all consumers are computer literate - even my knowledge is borderline. But I should add that this whole exercise has been on behalf of a friend who wanted to see the 550 repaired as he would then take it off me. He is not PC literate and I have literally spent many (exhausting) hours assisting him put an AV system together. He does heaps of DVD burning, it is his hobby, and has a Pioneer LX60D but is worried that the day could come when it becomes faulty. And that will surely happen!! John
  11. Unfortunately not. Pioneer kept changing boards and software so there is only one board which will work in the 550. Sort of makes life difficult!! But thanks for asking. John
  12. An odd request but I've got myself into strife with a used one purchased awhile ago. It functioned OK as a player but not to burn DVDs - turned out there were two faults - the drive + the digital control board for that drive. Well I've purchased the drive but Pioneer no longer have the controlling board available. So my only option is to get one from a used unit. Can anyone help? TIA
  13. An odd request but I've got myself into strife with a used one purchased awhile ago. It functioned OK as a player but not to burn DVDs - turned out there were two faults - the drive + the digital control board for that drive. Well I've purchased the drive but Pioneer no longer have the controlling board available. So my only option is to get one from a used unit. Can anyone help? TIA John
  14. No one wants to buy my HeadRoom BUDA head amp so I'm looking to use it in another room but need a good DAC to mate to it OR work out a trade with someone to swap the BUDA for a good DAC/head amp combo. I'll be using Sennheiser HD650 headphones in balanced or unbalanced form with this system and only require an RCA digital input. Realistically hi-end gear like the BUDA now only gets less than half retail price on resale so I'm valuing the BUDA at around $800 for trade in purposes so a swap should take that price as a guideline. If you have a good DAC which originally sold for around the $700 then offering it used for $300 would be what I'm looking for. I do not need USB connection so there could be some top quality units out there without that function, or with it but not very good (technology in that area has improved dramatically) then it could fit the bill. Balanced output is not essential but a remote control for volume would be helpful, although not essential. I previously had a great Woo DAC that fitted the bill perfectly but foolishly sold it :-( Note I'm in Tasmania 7252 Australia so please indicate a total price to include freight if you have something on offer. Thanks for reading John (a senior nutter who should know better than go chasing after more toys he really does not need)
  15. Thanks for the advice Peter and I fully comprehend where you are coming from. I have gone down the network HDD route with music and no longer play the physical media. However at the moment the approach to video in this house is a little different. We have a battery of PVRs and the recordings on them generally keep us amused but from time to time there is the odd documentary or movie that is particularly good so I archive it onto a DVD. Yes, I could retain it on the PVR and/or could get an NAS system setup for video but am not tempted to do this yet - maybe later. My IT youngest son in the USA does and has his videos on a bank of HDDs so I might get him to help me set it up when he visits later this year.