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  1. unfortunately im not going to be able to help - just wanted to give a similar story: recently moved into an apt in the city and bought the new 2nd gen scarlett with inbuilt tuner had all digital and analogue channels fine - looked great! a few days later lost all digital 7 channels next day they were back, next day lost them again and they didnt come back i re-tuned/factory reset etc no help after a week they were just suddenly there again! no idea - unless a mix b/w bad reception for that broadcast and a weak broadcast? read some bad things about channel 7's digital...
  2. hi - couldnt seem to start a new topic so thought id reply to this! just moved into new apt building in brisbane cbd just purchased new full hdtv (lg) aerial cable plugged directly from wall to tv auto tuning found everything (inc 3xdigital channel 7's plus HD7) all looked great! a few days later i had "no signal" for all channel 7 digital stations next night i had all the channels back again next night gone again and didnt come back tried auto tune again - still no signal did a factory reset and power off and re-did auto tune - now the tv cant even find any digital 7 stations btw analogue works fine so for some reason i can get all analogue channels fine, and all digital channels EXCEPT 7!? no idea why any help/suggestions? thx!