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  1. I spent a couple of hours on Sunday checking my recent Amazon orders against My BDs and found approx 20 titles had gone AWOL from my listing
  2. I got on the wishlist at position 253 with a POOR rating of grabbing the bargain. About two minutes later a popup said add to cart now. So I did and I got a copy (along with 5 other titles ...) Consider me happy
  3. Yes - with no problems. At payment/invoice, the Blu-ray Disc is quoted as full price ... 1 of: Pulp Fiction [blu-ray] [blu-ray] By: John Travolta, et al Condition: New Sold by: LLC $14.99 but under the Shipping and Handling there is an extra discount ... Item(s) Subtotal: $125.91 Shipping & Handling: $13.90 Lightning Deal: -$11.00 Probably not the ideal way to display the deal but the $ amount for the Total is correct.
  4. Amazon uses PST (Pacific Standard Time). Use Seattle for correct time.
  5. That is because it is not released here ... yet. Distributor info ... coming 2 Nov.
  6. Ditto. Another vote of thanks to webbsy and Ken.
  7. 3 months (found Here)
  8. From the GB site ... "This Player is Region Free for DVD and ou change the Zones on the remote before startup." The bit about ... "ou change the Zones on the remote before startup" actually refers to the BD mod of how You change Blu-ray zones. It doesn't happen automagically but it is capable of playing all Blu-ray discs.
  9. The Home Alone Collection went into waitlist after only 2 minutes.
  10. HD DVD - 141 Blu-ray - 132 (DVD - 901) Out of shelf space and the lounge room floor is littered with stacks of discs ... i think its time I had a clear out sale!
  11. Something was wrong with the process used to overlay the OneHD logo. Everytime Ch10 tried to overlay the logo, it caused a minor sound drop out and the picture contrast to drop to very low level but with the logo itself at what I would judge to be full brightness - definitely not at background watermark level. When Ch10 removed the logo, hey presto, the picture returned to normal. For something I would have thought be a routine process by now, (excuse the coming footy pun) they sure dropped the ball on this one.
  12. For the Amazon shop-a-holics ... Black Friday Deals on From Amazon's page ... Time to refine my Wish List
  13. I put another order together last Friday which included TDK and tried to send to my usual PO address. Still same issue - won't deliver TDK to a PO Box. So I changed the shipping address to my work address which is only about 120m from the PO. Amazon have no qualms with this address but I'll have to deal with the security section at work about a personal delivery. Quotes from Douglas Adams about 'the revolution' and 'first against the wall' now spring to mind regarding those who make up the Amazon shipping policies.
  14. Released Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Dead Space: Downfall Hannah Montana: The Movie: Deluxe Edition Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Night at the Museum 2 Pink Panther 2, The RocknRolla Star Trek: Ultimate Edition (2009) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Special Edition X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men Quadrilogy Zack and Miri Make a Porno Due for release Hangover, The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Ultimate Edition Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Ultimate Edition
  15. j-a, I think you are confusing the manufacturer TDK with the abbreviation TDK used for The Dark Knight. My query is about the second ... The Dark Knight (on Blu-ray) which currently Amazon are refusing to ship.