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  1. 10 years ago I felt the same way about my DVD collection ... sold it in bulk and moved on ... although it did hurt at the time and some of those disks were seriously rare and I had to hunt them down to get them. Luckily Blu Rays were not as varied in quality ... but there were some notable exceptions that took effort to get.
  2. Yep ... gave up trading Blu Rays when AusPast drove their prices up and their services down. Just not worth it ... the local op shop wins though as The last two clean outs went to them.
  3. It wasn't from a US disc by chance? I've had that and you need to download it whilst connected to a US Proxy for it to work ... once downloaded it works fine though.
  4. Meh ... dunno ... I've just downloaded them and watched them on an ipad, no procedures or other convolutions needed ... last time was August last year, so perhaps they have changed it. edit: yes, using the Flixter iPad App.
  5. That's weird ... I have watched several Flixster films, downloaded to my iPad, whilst in the air on a flight with no internet.
  6. Agree entirely ... but we did have a small golden period there where we were getting nearly as good as the US ... 4K seems to have brought all the old sloppy habits back out.
  7. Not really a conspiracy ... Cevolution is spot on and we are likely to see more of this sort if tactic in the future.
  8. I had several problems with the pro kit and ended up swapping both mine for the standard chip ... have had no issues since. were very tedious to deal with and disappeared for a month on holidays in the middle of trying to sort it.
  9. Krickey thats $1000-$2000 saved in lamps alone over a jvc dila!
  10. Lamp life and reduced power costs could balance that out that pretty welll
  11. Wish I could mate ... curious as to $$s on this too. LED should mean massive heat reduction and lamp life increase?
  12. Which actually makes it harder to "jailbrake" or sideload android apps not in the Nvidia store.
  13. So there is a new, new version from Jan this year ... but minor changes
  14. Hi Lonewolf ... I don't recon the Nvidea Shield streamer that this is has been out for more than 18 months ... there was a tablet. I just found this which the history of Nvidea Shield TV:
  15. This one and a 500gig one ... if you run a network there is no need for the 500 gig one ... there is also a micro sd slot if you really need more storage onboard.