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  1. there actually is a call centre in india and they are taking more and more of the calls. i was able to find this out for fact. how could they have practical experience in a country that foxtel doesnt even exist in at least the australian workers are able to actually know about the product. not to mention the fact that this kind of decision takes work away from australians
  2. is anyone else getting annoyed at the clear shift away from being able to speak to an australian when you call foxtel? it just seems like more and more the person on the other end of the line is some person from india or some other country. sure its probably a lot cheaper for them to outsource to some impoverished country to people who only speak english as a second language, but its incredibly frustrating when you actually have a real problem and the person on the other end of the phone is about as usefull as my cat with their ability to actually solve my problem. They lie and mumble their way through a call just to try and get people off the phone And when there is no one else left in australia to fix up the problems these guys cant what is going to happen....seriously. what are other peoples thoughts on the whole outsourcing thing?
  3. not at all, you are only contracted to the first one
  4. I like the idea of it but right now i dont have a hd tv so dont see the point in paying for the upgrade just yet... the difference in picture is pretty good tho having seen the iq2 on a hd tv compared to my parents who just have an iq with a decent hd tv but they dont really wanna shell out for the upgrade just yet and want to wait until there are some more hd channels to go with it
  5. cheers to that with regards to the credits and such i notice that quite often people here seem to feel a great sense of entitlement to credits from foxtel or at least to get things for free from them. i have had foxtel since i turned 18 and i am now in my 20's and have never once called up requesting for or expecting them to give me something for nothing. i have my package, pay my bill and if im not liking a particular package i have the flexibility to change it around as does every other person with foxtel. i have had to have a tech out before and i had to wait nearly a week for an appointment and fair enough it was a pain the ass but its not like the person on the end of the phone was sitting there going "hmmm how can i s**t this customer?", and they were more than happy to reimburse me for the time my service was out. from my experience calling up as well sure some people can be at times slow but i dont think in the time i have had foxtel i have had a necessarily negative experience from calling them. but then again it seems to me that my whole attitude about it with regards to credits etc is a fair bit different to most the posts i have read so i would imagine that my conduct on the phone as well as the outcome of the call would be a fair bit different by comparison and with this point in the OP: "Rang Telstra on May 24th (when pricing details were released) and the guy said that Foxtel HD wont be released for another month for Telstra subscribers (even though I read telstra subscribers on this forum have got an install date.) Spent 10 minutes arguing about it, he wouldnt budge," Wtf!!!??!?!?!? why would you argue about something so petty for that long when quite obviously telstra werent doing them if you had to get foxtel to do it for you....and then have the cheek to complain about the people working for foxtel/telstra when they had to deal with your obvious shortcomings of both your listening and interpersonal skills. but then again its fairly easy to be a big hero when you arent dealing with people face to face but yeah i guess my whole point of this is why do so many people feel such a sense of misplaced entitlement? foxtel is business if you want something you need to pay for it. just like any company. would you ring up your electricity company demanding several months free just because they had to do maintenance and you lost power for a few hours?
  6. how about speak to either of previous employers ie BSA/Downer and ask them as your employer what their process is for dealing with this sort of information foxtels technicians are ALL sub contractors as you would be well aware. you were not employed by foxtel and therefore need to speak with your employer about this issue not them and surely at any of the head officers of either of the places that you worked at they would have a document shredder that you could use and in any case why have you been holding onto these for so long instead of asking your employer what you needed to do with them so grow up and dont try to put the blame foxtel because really the reason foxtel stopped taking payments via techs is because of technicians pocketing cash and everyone knows this
  7. if you ever have a technical issue and need someone to come fix it you wont be able to get them to come to the right address