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  1. And pretty good trucks too, from what I've seen.
  2. All the best wishes for your son, Kayaul.
  3. Gearhouse broadcast
  4. The perfect truth. Well said Cyril.
  5. Of course you're right there, sparky. Didn't cross my mind about movies TX'd in 2.35 on WS. In that case BAAL has the choice of cutting off the sides of the frame, or living with the letterbox. For native 16:9 programmes transmitted on a proper widescreen channel displayed on a proper widescreen display, BAAL should not see any black bars. He should be able to adjust his set (and the set top box too) to that mode and leave it there and everything should be OK while he's watching the telly. He may have to use different settings for the xbox. JB
  6. BAAL, You've provided very little info in your post. Do you have a widescreen display? Are you using a Foxtel Digital service? Is the Foxtel channel you are watching a widescreen channel? Your problem has nothing to do with high definition, Foxtel doesn't transmit HD and even if your set is HD (and then presumably widescreen) the aspect ratio situation is independent of HD/SD. As fatcat said, your TV set is the key to filling the screen, and your later post suggested you can do this already. Assuming the Foxtel channel you are viewing is a widescreen channel then it should display 4:3 and widescreen programmes correctly. A non widescreen programme will be displayed in pillar box (black bars on the left and right of frame) and a widescreen programme will fill the screen, assuming you have a widescreen display. JB
  7. Hmm, Tardis airlines?
  8. Changing channels on the remote doesn't work, it always stays on the same channel although it does respond by displaying channel number, also I've gotta hit PLAY on the remote after startup, otherwise it just shows the start up screen. Can't think of much else at the moment, due to the channel change problem I don't use it that much. JB
  9. Hmm, two kids. I am sure the "Are we there yet" will start somewhere around Mittagong. You'd need to buy some sort of USB DTV tuner. I bought one from Officeworks for about $130, a Twinhan Magic Box II. I do not recommend it, as it appears to be very temperamental about channel changing and stuff. It has a conventional coax antenna connector, as do most of the types of devices in this class. You'd get your Caravan antenna as Alan suggested (I think Dick Smith still sells these around $70) You mount the antenna (spoiling the aerodynamics of the Commodore) and run the cable into the car. There will be an antenna power box/amp which will use a cigarette lighter plug for power. Plug the antenna lead from the powerbox/amp into the USB tuner, plug the USB tuner into the Laptop and voilà - bad reception at high speed. Be warned, on the last bit of the run into Melbourne (just after Kal Kallo on the new freeway bit) there's one of those "timed" speed camera sections where they clock you over about 10km length. Oh, and I just did a quick search, it's 844 km on this route Cheers JB
  10. Um, doesn't the game start around 2:30 PM. That's 11.5 hours after you start on your way. Last monday I did Wanaka to Christchurch (440 km) in 5 hours. Now that's on New Zealand roads and they are not a patch on the freeways we have here, plus there were numerous hilly bits, and curves where you'd slow to 60 kmh or so. OK, there may have been some parts where I accidentally hit 120 km/h, but the mostly it was around 100 kmh. The freeway from Melbourne to the border is 110 km/h most of the way, I believe. Dunno what it's like in NSW but I don't think it would be any worse than in Victoria. It's around 800 km Sydney to Melbourne? Methinks that you might be curled up in front of the telly at a friends or in a hotel with a cold one, when the game starts, with no nasty photos taken en route!!! Good luck and drive safely. JB
  11. You've answered your own question. Since it is going to be a "ratings winner" anyway there's no reason to spend the extra money to show it in HD.
  12. It's not just the arcing. The newer trams use some sort of electronic speed controller and they put out a terrible load of RF noise, just driving past one with the radio on and you can hear all this terrible hash, worse during acceleration. The old W-class trams didn't make that sort of noise. Don't the spectrum authorities have rules and regulation regarding the generation of spurious noise? Looks like the tram companies don't have to follow the rules!!! JB
  13. Clamp the outer layer of shielding (braid) all shielding layers are connected to each other anyway. It's not supposed to be complicated, just remove the outer insulation over the bit where you're going to clamp the braid under the saddle. JB
  14. I don't think so. There are only a couple of HD capable OB vans in the country, there are 8 AFL matches per round. Footy OBs may include some HD capable cameras (with downconverted SD output) , or some SD cameras with HD lenses, but mostly the OB Van, tape machines, switcher, CG and links are running in SD. JB