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  1. I reckon that will be coming when they've sorted it all out. As someone suggested earlier, this looks like a last minute thing to gazump the opposition.
  2. I think the HD watermark is scheduled on and off according to the breaks on the main (SD) channel. I had closed captions on for the HD channel, and no captions were shown, then the HD watermark disappeared and captions appeared for a car commercial, captions disappeared and then the watermark re-appeared. This whole HD separate programming looks like a bit of a test run. Possibly coming out of the backup presentation system in Sydney? BTW, PQ and Audio pretty darn good here in Melb.
  3. More likely sacked, retrenched or lost the folks who knew what they were doing, and employed inexperienced kids at $19 per hour.
  4. I thought they used something like a court stenographer scenario which uses a phonetic entry system.
  5. Thanks for that link, Anthony, and I stand corrected. Hadn't realised they'd done it yet, but had heard they were possibly going to be bringing a truck or two out from Britain. I wonder if this is one of them or done locally? Will have to ask the guys next time I see 'em!
  6. Double post, sorry.
  7. Seven use Gearhouse mainly. I don't believe they have an HD truck.
  8. Yep, that's the one. Those Indians do have a sense of humour! Jackie Chan did one in Melbourne quite a few years back, Chinatown (Little Bourke was all shut off) and another time several years ago I was walking down the east end of Flinders street and there was a small Bollywood crew shooting some scenes near a theatre. JB
  9. Yeah this has got the interminably long song and dance routines which are so cheesy, but the production values are very high, the film quality is excellent even though the geographic continuity is taking huge liberties. The main couple live in a house which is located at Anglesea, yet when they walk down to the beach they are all of a sudden at St. Kilda beach (and Bass Strait has turned into Port Phillip Bay!) But, the Victorian tourism authorities could not have asked for a better advertisement for the place. It looks absolutely stunning. And then when she goes into labour, on a pier at Williamstown (west side of the city), they jump in the car and drive to the Casey hospital, (outer eastern suburbs)!!
  10. This is fun, spotting all the locations, but they have taken one or two liberties. One car scene there are the two characters in two cars driving west along what looks like the Great Ocean Road. One car overtakes the other, turns a bend and voila, she's driving through Elwood and he's still near Anglesea!
  11. Fair go Santa! I posted my correction at 9:21 PM. Ralfi was on the money even before then, so you had an hour or so before it started in Perth! I sent a complaint email to SBS then, when I realised the "error" was on the part of the BBC doing this cheap compilation, I sent a retraction and apology email to SBS. I got a very polite apology email for both of my messages in return!
  12. You're right, it's not SBS's fault (can I take back my complaint email?), the fault is with Top Gear doing a compilation show a bit too early in the series. Lazy lazy lazy.
  13. I reckon they've switched mid show.
  14. And here I was thinking my "deja vu" capabilities saw into the future in one hour blocks.
  15. And of course Nine Adelaide is independently owned, ie not by Packer.