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  1. Just so long that we don't get with the horribly arranged Foxtel plans, i'll be happy.
  2. Got my box reconnected today and asked the installer guy for a new remote as half the buttons on the old one don't work. Have to say that it feels better to hold as it is slimmer, buttons are a little smaller too but it is wider but that said it sits in the hand better. Will take photos tomorrow on my phone when there's better light
  3. Well i got my HD box reconnected on wednesday after moving house back in early november and it wont go into TV Guide or Planner, just goes straight back to whatever i'm watching. After calling austar and going up to level 2 tech in the end they're having to send out a replacement box as apparently even a reformat wont fix the issue as whenever they send a signal to update the loader, which is the cause of the issue in the first place, it just gets a black screen and i have to power it off at the wall =/ Boourns to lost recordings. Oh well, i guess i'll use my internets to get what I wanted to watch, most of which was just WWE stuff anyway.
  4. Does it also work for their 2 for $20/2 for $30 Blu-ray deals too? cause $16/$24 for 2 BDs sounds a steal
  5. Does what comes up on On Demand just relevant to whats on your package? Cause I noticed a few different things from mine to what mum has at her place, though only a difference of Living (they have ,i dont) and Fun (I have, they dont) between us.
  6. Honestly i'm happy to pay to watch Delhi 2010, the Winter Games coverage was great so i expect more of the same, plus its cheaper than Winter games if you get sports package. Seeing as its $85 for outright or $20 for sports subbers, you'd be mad not turning on sports channels then getting the Delhi 2010 for $20. $36 is a bargain compared to the $85 pocket burner they want for non sports subbers. Heck i'd rather pay for it and get 6 channels dedicated rather than the joke that it is on FTA and their "coverage"
  7. I've had that problem myself, even at times, deleting and readding and scanning folders didnt seem to work. In the end I downloaded TVersity, it's free and works better than WMP as you can transcode files on the fly if you have something in .mkv or .ogg format or if it isn't initially compatible for straight playback like a vanilla DivX file.
  8. The catch of the day $449 deal PS3 with $50 cash back into your paypal after wards is still going - http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/smallfish_...roducts_id=4470 Ordered myself one. I've used these guys before when i bought a PC TV tuner card, a little on the slow side but they're pretty cool if you have any issues pop up.
  9. If its anything like the regular mystar then you have to have at least one episode of the series you are linking in your recorded folder. Though if it's gone missing and there are episodes on the hdd still, well then thats a mystery.
  10. Really though, 720p is better than 1080i Progressive > interlaced There was no mention that the Mystar HD was going to be "True HD" it just said that it was HD
  11. I don't think so, given it's something that isn't really used to great extent here, I know TPG have IPTV but i dont know how they work that or if its similar to what Telstra will be offering.
  12. Well there's a surprise Though i wonder what connection you'll need under telstra which you'll pay an arm and a kidney for, seeing as Australia's internet infrastructure is dodgy at best =/
  13. Those sneaky bastards, i lost ESPN too, gwargh! New channels are free for 2 weeks
  14. The picture would be improved as the image you are getting is coming at you in 720p for the HD channels and in 1080i for ESPN i believe, though I can't say anything for the SD channels as I have neither.