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  1. Thnx "Guru" wklie, Loaded the beta firmware and Voila....all EPG's functional. Your assistance is certainly appreciated....not only by myself and Harves, but also other "regional minorities" (as "mwd" put it). Regards Bill
  2. Thnx "Guru" wklie for such a prompt response. Not sure how to capture a "raw TS recording" as the Magic PVR is my only source. Can anyone else (Harves?) help us out here ?
  3. You're not on your own Harves. I'm in the South West and have the same EPG issue with all 3 of the Seven Network channels (GWN7, 7TWO, 7MATE). They did previously work (several mths ago) but no longer. I have tried various firmware loads (both 3700 & 4000) and I'm currently running the latest 5.10AUc. I'm aware of other Magic PVR owners in my region who are also having this EPG issue with the Channel 7 Network stations. Your post has prompted me to raise the issue with both PixelMagic and the 7 Network. Suggest you do likewise.....or hopefully one the the PVR guru's who frequent this forum may have a fix ??????? Are there any other owners (WA or Eastern States) having issues with the 7 Network EPG ????
  4. BD's For sale : Across the Universe - $25 posted (Region B/Free) mint condition - Review link (DVD Talk) The Last Samurai - $25 posted (Region B/Free) mint condition - Review link (DVD Talk)
  5. Not your cup of tea Franin ??
  6. Death Sentence (BD) advertised at DVD.co.uk for £4.99 - DVD.co.uk