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  1. Thnx "Guru" wklie, Loaded the beta firmware and Voila....all EPG's functional. Your assistance is certainly appreciated....not only by myself and Harves, but also other "regional minorities" (as "mwd" put it). Regards Bill
  2. Thnx "Guru" wklie for such a prompt response. Not sure how to capture a "raw TS recording" as the Magic PVR is my only source. Can anyone else (Harves?) help us out here ?
  3. You're not on your own Harves. I'm in the South West and have the same EPG issue with all 3 of the Seven Network channels (GWN7, 7TWO, 7MATE). They did previously work (several mths ago) but no longer. I have tried various firmware loads (both 3700 & 4000) and I'm currently running the latest 5.10AUc. I'm aware of other Magic PVR owners in my region who are also having this EPG issue with the Channel 7 Network stations. Your post has prompted me to raise the issue with both PixelMagic and the 7 Network. Suggest you do likewise.....or hopefully one the the PVR guru's who frequent this forum may have a fix ??????? Are there any other owners (WA or Eastern States) having issues with the 7 Network EPG ????
  4. Not sure whether u can do a full "factory reset", but page 87 refers to Parameter Initialisation. Google is your friend.
  5. +3 (as last 3 discs from The Hut have all been sliders/rattlers). Fortunately no damage done. However, I'm still waiting on 6 discs shipped on 4th June and 5th June despite other discs from the same orders having been recd Anyone else having these issues with The Hut ???
  6. Speaking of "all gone"....where have the Ezydvd HD-DVD titles disappeared to ??? Ezydvd
  7. Don't forget to use your "New Customer" discount code @ The Hut to get the one-off £1 saving before 30/6 (at least it covers postage on 1 disc).
  8. ausnew, Same price at (£4.99) but postage is cheaper to Aust at £1.60. Send-it DVE By the way it's a Combo disc with an PAL SD version on the other side (at least the one I bought was).
  9. Beef (wot no potatoes ? ) You'll find plenty of detailed info here Video Essentials By the way UK have the Combo HD-DVD/SD (Pal) DVE disc for £4.99 plus £1.60 postage (approx $13.80)
  10. Out of 16 discs ordered from The since 24/5 only The Island still shows as "awaiting stock pick-up". Will now offer a sacrifice of "Norbit" to the HD_DVD Gods to hasten the process.
  11. Update on orders as per the following online "Live Chat" : Michelle: Hello, Thank you for Visiting How may I assist you? you: Hi, I recd an email confirming my recent order No. 1040xxx but when I clicked on the "order status link" it only took me to the page explaining that u have set up a temporary web-site. As this is my 1st order with yourselves I would appreciate an update on the actual order status (No. 1040xxx lodged 5/25/2008) ?? Thanks Michelle: we received this order yesterday Michelle: it is currently being processed Michelle: you will receive an email to confirm the shipping you: It's only that some of the discs now show as out of stock Michelle: we have the stock you: I'm smiling now...and await your shipping confirmation email (how long approx ?) Michelle: should be by the end of the day you: OK many thks..will leave u to no doubt answer similar queries...bye Michelle: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us at anytime. UPDATE - Looks like "Michelle" (5'8" with a beard ?) wasn't telling porkies as overnight email recd reading : "We are sending you this message to inform you that your order number 1040xxx dated May 26 2008 8:48AM, has been shipped." So they may get here before TheHut orders
  12. And if u don't we'll assume you've cut yourself shaving