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  1. Is there a definitive guide to all the ACT dvb channels Eg which station should I watch ABC 2 or 21 and Prime 6,60,61 and same for SBS HD? Is there somewhere which tells me quality and programs differences or not Paul
  2. I've noticed my ABC recordings are fine now.. .. at least the ones I've recorded.
  3. Thanks for the update I wonder if my issue is related?, expect i point at black mountain tower, or could be my MythTV tv tuner,but it only seems to affect abc
  4. I thought it was my PVR (MythTV box) but its only happening with ABC, and not that I watch live TV alot it looks fine on the TV every time I test but I'm getting more frequent recording problems with ABC TV shows. I'm pretty sure I've got the problem again last night.
  5. I previously asked about ABC channel 21 and some of the Prime View channels, just wondering if there is a sticky on this or is there a Freeview webpage telling us what each channel is? eg duplicate stream etc.. for example I'm just wondering if I should keep my ABC HDTV (20) on my MythTV box in preferance to the ABC1 channel 2 as its messing up my recording schedule.
  6. its a wonder they don't document these "ghost" stations.. as you say it does confuse me..
  7. what about Prime View 1 and 3? I'm hoping if they decide to use these channels it would be make public?
  8. I'm not sure what I should do about ABC (channel 21) should I update my Guide data as per CH2) or should I just ignore this channel? Note I'm assuming both channels are the same content? thanks
  9. even if they are in the same multplex they are show same content so how does that help.. my point is if they time-shifted these we could avoid conflicts with other shows during prime-time or even better if they could add new shows :
  10. what a waste of bandwith, can they at least time-shift some of there shows.. or heck add new content ... thanks
  11. Just wondering why Channel TEN (SC 10) have two channels? are these exactly the same? ie same content?
  12. I would have thought Prime would have some influence if they are "buying" this content, but the question I really have have we missed out and therefor do we need to source the TV shows from the "Video shop" or download or just be patient and hope if turns up.
  13. anyone know if they will be repeating Heroes or some of the other shows on there current channel or are these "lost" for-ever? or perhaps when they launch the new Prime channel they will timeshift the shows for our benefit eg have them repeated on a late night schedule?
  14. are you sure of the Prime name? any links or dates? thanks
  15. You would have thought they would have known better.. I really wonder what they are going to do about the Series that are premiering now, are they going to repeat them? or just assume we are not going to notice. they must have rocks in there heads to delay this..