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  1. My mum has my Wintal X10 PVR and I've forgotten how do I show disk space used by all programs? occasionally it shows Hard-disk full message but there is only 2 hrs of shows of drive. I think I upgraded the ROM .
  2. most of these cases IMO are too high/tall compared to the average shelf size and VCR/DVD deck and look a bit too much like a PC.. . I have been told to go for something around the 100m (H) size or less but of course the tradeoff is the riser cards or low profile PCI cards etc.. I'm leaning towards a LC11M but I read a review about the VFD display being too bright so I'm a bit afraid the loungeroom is going to be lit up by a blinking LED display. Any one got one of these silverstone VFD displays and can comment on the brightness.
  3. just to make it a bit easier to browse for them, can you create a subdir/folder for these please? eg Degenius and move them, but thanks for hosting them.
  4. Is this due to Wireless connection or just some other issues with Firmware? ie how does it go using good ole Cat5
  5. I don't get it what value is there in producing a non-working box unless the firmware isn't licenced go figure
  6. Sadily I don't have that model.. I have to do it via the RCA or coax output...
  7. One thing I have been waiting for is a means to record TransACT Stations and my VCR has died so can i do this via a capture card? One question comes to mind is piping data to PC in another room what options have I got. Is coax the only way for about 10-20 metres? also the hardware what do I need etc.? Remote zapper etc.. cost $$ can I use my current 1G PC?
  8. As this is such a newish type of device is hard to know what to look for in a device? So can people add some devices so we can get a list together?
  9. another one the Z500 due out in October which is recommended by APCmag http://www.z500series.com/
  10. yes its a problem of knowing when to jump in on this technology if I had lots of money I'd jump in now with my own PVR (PC)
  11. although it doesnt say my guess its an analog TV tunner.. ie no Digital tunner and no HDD
  12. any comments on the LinkTheater by Buffalo sold in Domayne. http://www.buffalotech.com/products/produc...6&categoryid=18
  13. Note sure if this is the right forum but indirect it has a HDD and Recorder (on PC). This seems to be the future need-to-have device for the home entertainment ie a device which can live quietly in the lounge room which obtains video/audio/internet pages from home PC. Is there a round-up of some of these devices? or some site which goes thru the pros-cons of different brands.
  14. what sort of aerial are people connecting to this device?
  15. you might find some more info on the Winnie in the DVD Recorders & Hard Disk Drive Recorders forum